If the funda is to match Innovations with smartness, then the result is a successful enterprise This combo holds good for any field.

The speech of DR E MURALIDARSHAN, former faculty Indian Institute of Foreign Trade came as a cool breeze on a sultry day to the participants of an export program. The otherwise very busy professor took some time for the aspiring exporters gathered at the event.

Before the audience could ask for more, his duration was over. However, he obliged them with his contact details and asked them to send their queries to be addressed.

The expert in foreign trade cited many live examples to elevate the need for an exporter to understand the culture of the destination land and move accordingly, to succeed. He was handling the topic on MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. The address was befitting to the stream allotted and encouraged the group to take up exports.

He said the globe has shrunk with trade blocks facilitating exports and imports worldwide. There is ample to explore in markets like Africa and Latin America, felt the stalwart.

He added that the trade between the SAARC countries also must improve as many products were yet to be traded in this block.

Concluding his lecture, he noted that exporters get vital information by attending such programs, domain experts from various organizations share their expertise enriching the knowledge of the attendees. Way2World wishes all the participants a grand success in their export ventures. Rajkishan

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