The highlight of the FTAPCCI’s event, an ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM: LEARN HOW TO START EXPORT BUSINESS at the federation House, Hyderabad, on Thursday (08 Feb 18) was the overview about the export business.

This was briefed by P Sampath Kumar Trainer and Consultant, International Trade and Banking. The stalwart addressed the aspiring exporters with ease and gave them information that would encourage them to plan forward on their aspirations.

The three-hour session was filled with examples and procedures of the trade. These tidbits would have taken a few decades for the newcomers to realize. This session was a treat to the participants with well sketched nuances of the trade.

A detailed presentation was shown to the audiences about the various documentations and procedures, in addition to the terminology used in the trade. The whole exercise was delight to the aspiring and established exporters, attending the event.

The salient points discussed at the session were:

  • How international trade can be done
  • Understanding the process / stages of trade
  • Understanding & selecting the appropriate method of payment settlement
  • Understanding the role of various parties in International trade
  • Setting up export organization
  • Groundwork to be done by exporters before setting up export organization
  • Selection of company name and logo
  • What is an export document
  • Importance of export documents
  • Various types of export documentation
  • Documentation practice in India
  • Cost of executing export documents
  • Legal importance
  • Aligned documentation system
  • Paper size and specifications

The interesting session came to an end with interaction of the participants. Sampath Kumar answered all the queries with ease and expertise enlightening the aspirants. Way2World wishes all the participants in this event to muster the nuances of export and import business procedures. Rajkishan

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