The concluding day at FTAPCCI (Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry) ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM: LEARN HOW TO START EXPORT BUSINESS at Hyderabad was hectic with activity.

The third day, on Saturday (10 February 18) was a brain storming session for the participants. They turned into professionals by the end of the day. There was flow of qualitative knowledge transfer from eminent speakers who had immense expertise in their domains.

The first hour had a detailed brief on Methods of Realizing Payments & Transactions under Letter of Credit. The topic dealt on the various types of LCs and about the obligations of the buyer and his seller. In detail, the conditions on the LC gave a brief about the responsibility of both the parties and to what extent. P.M. SHARMA, Former Country Head – Treasury Dept., SBH-Hyd, handled the subject with expertise and patience.

In the session that followed, he explained about the 11 INCOTERMS 2010, these were the terms that governed global exports. The question and answer session was endless with doubts expressed by many budding and established exporters. However, the speaker was patient and solved their issues to the satisfaction of the audience. Infact the session was informative to all the occupants.

Later, MEHER P. TIWARI, Asst. General Manager-TFCPC, SBI-Hyd handled deftly about the issues regarding pre-shipment and post shipment finance. It was a overview session on the various points relating to the subject.

Similar to regular digital signature, Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has a specific format, which imbibes IE Code as well within the encryption. This makes it easy for various utilities of the exporters. SRIDHAR VISHWAS e-Governance Consultant, Hyd, explained the procedural features of the issue in detail. With his expertise, he encouraged the participants about the concept of Digital Signature and e-filing in DGFT.

Apart from profits from trade, the government encourages exporters by duty drawback schemes to reimburse the duty paid by them. The procedures like duty structure, filing formalities and stipulated period was enlightened by V. PALLAMRAJU, Chief Manager, State Bank Learning Centre. His versatility and confidence on the subject mesmerized the onlookers. The vital information was well conceived by the participants.

DR E MURALIDARSHAN, former faculty Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, briefed on the various marketing opportunities available in the 21st century. The multi talented, hectic Professor was at ease in detailing about the various aspects of marketing and the present scenario in the international arena. He honored the three-day participants with certificates and assured them of guidance when needed.

The concluding day was too much information for the human hard disk enabling the aspirants get a bird’s eye view of the present export scenario. It was not a bed of roses, however if cautious could scale great heights as a seasoned exporter.

Such events encourage the entrepreneurs and influence the psych with positivity. This was evident as the participants were holding content-filled expressions at the valedictory function hosted by R KULKARNI, Joint Dir – FTAPCCIWay2World hopes these stars shine brightly in the export horizon, because their success helps India, further. Rajkishan