Speaking at the FTAPCCI (Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry) event on Thursday (08 Feb 18) the SBH Hyderabad, GM Prabodh Parikh felt that innovative exports would garner better patronage from overseas markets as the intellectual property would immense.

FTAPCCI conducted an ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM: LEARN HOW TO START EXPORT BUSINESS at the federation House, Hyderabad Speaking on the occasion Prabodh Parikh briefed about the encouragement to exporters offered by nation’s largest bank.

Addressing the participants of aspiring exporters, Prabodh Parikh, asked them to evaluate the risk factors and overcome before embarking on the venture. Proper documentation in the prescribed format is one of the main reasons for success. He added that Telangana is in the top five states in the exports arena. All the five together yield about 70% of the nation’s exports business.

An ideal state, Telangana, would see more exporters in the future as the education quotient is considerably high. Banks have also devised novel initiatives in abundance to encourage this segment.

SBI has set up a special desk at Delhi and Mumbai for exclusive trade to Japan and Korea respectively. The markets are booming and exports to these two nations could flourish. A special foreign exchange desk is available at almost all major branches, which offer guidance to the approaching exporters.

Prabodh Parikh concluded that the bank was open to suggestions from exporters and was willing to create tailor made solutions based on the needs of this growing community. Way2World wishes all the participants in this event to muster the nuances of export and import business procedures. Rajkishan

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