FTAPCCI (Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry) contribution to the entrepreneur society is commendable. True to its slogan, the organization is empowering industry, commerce and trade with its unique initiatives. The day one, 8 February 2018, of the ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM: LEARN HOW TO START EXPORT BUSINESS at the Federation House, Hyderabad was revelation to many participating export enthusiasts.

The three-day event started at 10.30 am with the inaugural session conducted by R Kulkarni, Joint Dir – FTAPCCI. As the main host, he invited the dignitaries and gave a brief of the speakers.

Arun Lutharuka, Senior Vice President – FTAPCCI, delivered the welcome address. He said that this was the flagship program conducted since the last couple of decades and was getting best participation from the aspiring.

Later Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Intl Trade Committee, FTAPCCI announced that this program gives effective introduction to freshers and interesting insights to the experienced. The program is to highlight the formats of starting export and import business in India. The event helps in identifying target markets and the various processes involved.

The next to address the participants was P Sampath Kumar, Trainer and Consultant International Trade and Banking. He gave a detailed overview about the documents and procedures involved in the business. The sponsors of the event were State Bank of India, represented by Prabodh Parikh GM – Hyderabad, acknowledged that the sector contributes largely to the growth of the economy.

The 10 am – 6 pm event concluded with an interaction of Sampath Kumar with active participants. Participants were served sumptuous food along with ample information on exports and imports business. Way2World wishes all the participants in this event to muster the nuances of export and import business procedures. Rajkishan

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