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RajKishan for you

RajKishanis the founder of an E-magazine, that discusses about the developments in the startup ecosystem in India. The magazine has been in existence since 2009 and has unleashed the stories of many startups that are today the top brands across the nation.

He is the Hyderabad Chapter Head of VENTURE WOLFYOUR TRUSUTED PARTNER IN EARLYSTAGE BUSINESS is a Mumbai based investment bank for startups.   In addition, I also handle the national media relations of the organization.

In addition, he is the Head Content Strategist for INDUS ARENA, a Delhi based 360 Growth Hub Accelerator  working rigorously to foster enhancement in the startup ecosystem of the nation. In addition,

He is the Hyderabad Chapter Head of INDUS ARENA. He has been one of the initial team members who had designed and documented the ‘IDEA to IPO’ strategy that is an end-to-end solution for innovative individuals / teams, from ideation to global brand equity scale-up.

He has closely watched the entrepreneurial journey of many aspiring startups and has assessed the needs of the ecosystem to thrive prosperously. This he has documented on his e-magazine, through mentor guidance for aspiring young innovators.

He has also lectured at events in various educational institutes and universities on the needs of ‘innovation and entrepreneurship.’

His two decades plus of exposure in various corporate organizations, has imbibed in him acumen in areas like Brand Management, Conceptualizing, Relationship Management, Presentation Skills, Media Planning, Corporate Communications, Event Management and Logistics. This experience has also given him clear insights into the hardships faced by business owners in competing markets.

He strongly advocates that ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship have a positive impact on the economy’The sole ideology of WAY2WORLD that has been the driving force of the E-magazine is to nurture youth mindset towards thinking different and thinking development.

Thereby they become job providers than merely remaining as job seekers. He feels exploring, empowering and enterprising makes India a developed nation.

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