GST is nolonger a nightmare that haunts traders, irrespective of levels of operation. The government imposing a uniform tax regime across this vast country in the form of Goods and Services Tax (GST) has made the traders panic over the procedures.

This feeling would vanish completely once the actual context of the process is mastered. However many wonder the knack to overcome this issue.

To make this easier HITA INFORMATICS headed by its founders Praveen Kumar AVLN, Vikram L Prabakar and Jitendra Joshi have created TAXnGO.

This is a boon for traders and manufacturers who need to be GST compliance. With almost ten million users across the nation, the market is wide and the need is vast. The stringent rule of the government is sure to curb unbilled sales.

TAXnGO is attributes rich and fulfils the needs of businesses. The main features include GST Accounting, filing with Invoice generation both sales and purchase. The others are bookkeeping, inventory, sales and purchase analysis.

In addition, MIS reports can be generated for the convenience of the user. Most interesting aspect is the multi lingual facility that would make it easy to use in any region.

The dashboard has many customer friendly characteristics like price list, inventory tracking, adjustments, low stock alerts, and safety stock alerts. This distinctiveness makes the solution most chosen alternative by many entrepreneurs.

Innovate lead team combines years of expertise in building user-friendly products for all scales of organisations.

With TAXnGO on hand, GST and accounting could be dealt like a professional. All this and more at an economical price benefiting users.

Way2World wishes these innovative minds all the very best for their future endeavours.  Their success is to bring a rapid change that should accelerate the economy. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan