These columns were always dedicated to startup related issues and ventures for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, our recent participation in an event conducted by the FTAPCCI at Hyderabad added a new perspective to our endeavor.

Probably this could be a win-win situation to our readers and selves as well. Based on this thought process we bring this next series of articles that could be ideal for experienced manufacturers to look global for expanding their business vista.

India post liberalization era shifted its focus on the service sector and reached heights of success. However, the core of our economy is still relying on manufacturing and agriculture. This also implies that the expertise in these areas is predominantly the vital reasons for survival since decades.

If the same successful processes replicated in underdeveloped nations, success would be phenomenal as tax benefits are huge, virgin resources and wider clientele base.

Way2World wishes such enterprise minds all the very best for their expansions.  Their success is to bring a rapid change that should accelerate growth, yielding better results.

With inputs from internet – Rajkishan


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