How worth is tech without market strategy!

29092020 Chennai, YNOS:

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  • Why a good product or service does not sell itself 
  • Going beyond product value to value proposition 
  • Product pricing and business models
  • Identifying roadblocks 
  • Concerns and alignment of stakeholders necessary to build businesses

Good Products that get great market validations turn into unicorns. However is technology the only thing that will ensure success of the venture? If you say yes to this then probably you are wrong by all means!

To know how to convert your dream product into Market Awaited one attend this online event by YNOS and get almost all your concerns to succeed answered by renowned mentors.

“Entrepreneurs build great products, but face tremendous challenges in converting them to great businesses. This webinar by Dinesh Tiwari would focus on how to make the leap from just a product to developing it as a business.

Topics covered

  1. Why a good product or service does not sell itself 
  2. Going beyond product value to value proposition 
  3. Product pricing and business models
  4. Identifying roadblocks 
  5. Concerns and alignment of stakeholders necessary to build businesses.

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YNOS Venture Engine is a technology platform that helps early-stage entrepreneurs to identify potential investors, estimate valuation, and understand the start-up landscape. The objective of the venture is to enhance the success of startups while creating a strong impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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