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17072020 Chennai, YNOS:


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Early-stage StartUps look for funding to increase the scale of operations, for reaching larger markets, for scaling up or for pivoting. All these are fund intrinsic activity. However, most have no access to resources and information to understand the market landscape

These are key challenges across the StartUp lifecycle of early-stage entrepreneurs.  Where is the way out? The solution to this is YNOS, an IIT Madras incubated StartUp.

YNOS is the most innovative and breath-taking suite of products and programs for early-stage entrepreneurs, innovators, research centres and investors.

For a very nominal annual subscription, every ideator can discuss his venture and the requirements. Automatically the search engine gives ideal investors for that particular domain. The internal algorithms are meticulously designed to give potential suggestions to the seeker.

“The YNOS Advantage yields an unmatched understanding of the Indian startup ecosystem. The YNOS platform provides access to distilled insights from 275k+ recent startups, 2000+ angel investors, 3300k+ startup founders, 350+ top-notch experts.

When you join YNOS you would not be alone. More than 750 startups and entrepreneurs have benefitted from YNOS platform.”

The platform has patronage from Prospective & Early-stage Entrepreneurs, Incubators, Accelerators & startup Ecosystems, Innovators, Investors & Investment Bankers, SME, Industry, Universities, Labs & Institutions.

YNOS offers Discover – the aptest investors for early-stage ventures, Assess – the valuation of the venture, Validate – strengthen the technology behind the innovation, Analyse – the startup landscape, Master – the nuances of fund-raising & Transform – the venture and get investor ready’. This is an end-to-end list of needs of an aspiring StartUp, making YNOS a one-stop-shop for all StartUp needs.

YNOS Venture Engine is a technology platform that helps early-stage entrepreneurs to identify potential investors, estimate valuation, and understand the start-up landscape. The objective of the venture is to enhance the success of startups while creating a strong impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The various products leverage technology and use advanced data science techniques and marker analytics to provide customized insights and recommendations to the entrepreneurs. You can visit our Products page and read the brochure for more details!

Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur with an idea, YNOS Venture Engine platform is the place for you. It is not necessary to have a completed business plan, even if you have just an idea, that’s what we’re here for. In fact, the information that we provide would help you to develop your business plan.

YNOS is sector agnostic and caters to the requirements of all startups regardless of the sector or area they belong to. Our recommendations would be more suitable for entrepreneurs who have or intend to have their startups in India. Our goal is to soon provide solutions globally.

YNOS product, Verve, uses data science and analytical tools to help you quickly estimate the valuation of your venture. This product helps you to become aware of the ground realities on valuations provided by investors, helping you approach valuation negotiations with more self-assurance.

YNOS partners with Venture Intelligence, the industry-leading platform for most of the data requirements. This ensures that the recommendations are based on reliable data that has been verified.

For more details write to or WhatsApp +91 7358431831

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