Conversational AI leading to better customer engagement – YNOS session

29072020 Chennai, YNOS:

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  • Do you know instant Conversational AI would acquire 7x more prospects
  • Difference between ChatBot & Virtual Assistant
  • IQ quotient could excel most normal process using Conversational AI
  • How to harness Conversational AI for your business
  • What would be the prospects of utilising Conversational AI

Time immemorial business has been surviving on patronage. Companies have been evolving with times to give the best customer experience and get the maximum potential of the business happenings.

The latest on the technology front is a form of artificial intelligence that allows prospects to communicate through ChatBots and interact with applications, websites and equipment to get their queries cleared instantly. This is known as Conversational AI.

Conversational AI allows users to interact faster with human-like Bots that could converse via voice, text, touch or gesture. The key elements of Conversational AI Chatbots have outlived their cousins, the virtual assistant by being server-oriented. They are programmed to interact based on the words used by the user to deliver replies that are apt and instant.

Conversational AI systems are computers that people can interact with simply by having a conversation. With Conversational AI, voice-enabled devices like Amazon Echo are enabling the sort of magical interactions we’ve dreamed of, for decades.

With increasing competition and demanding customers, businesses need to rely on Conversational AI to provide delightful experiences to the customers.’

To enlighten the utility of the latest technology for the benefit of StartUps, YNOS is organising a webinar.  This is a must for all AI enthusiasts and StartUps to implement the latest in their operations and reap rich dividends.

‘In this webinar, Dr. Vijay Raman will talk about Conversational AI: what it is, its commercial history, its recent growth as a category in itself and the size of the market. He will then go on to discuss why StartUps have plenty of opportunities in this space despite the advent of big players.

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