Vadodara Startup Studio extended its Support to Early-Stage FoodTech Startup – Millennium Techno Solutions

30092020 Vadodara, Millennium Techno Solutions:

01 MTS

  • Gujarat, snacks capital of the nation
  • Khandvi, Dhokla, Fafda, Methi Khakhra or Ganthia etc are worth snacking
  • Every one wants to eat, none to do
  • Handmade are delicious but hygiene is at stake
  • Process involved keep homemakers dread

The business tycoon’s state of India, Gujarat survives more on snacks than on food, (on a lighter note)! The all prevalent shrewd business acumen tried to solve the problem of giving best taste with less labour.

Snacks making is a cumbersome process, but there is a huge market. The recent pandemic has pulled down the sales of many sweet bhandars across the state. However the appetite for snacks has not lowered a bit in the market.

The outcome in the present scenario results in desiring customers and clueless sweet shops. To solve this biggest problem of the snack industry, three youth have come up with a novel machine that would solve all the issues. Hygienic food with delicious taste made in a very economical way including a less laborious process. All matched to satisfy the taste buds of millions across the state.

02 MTS‘Three young engineering graduates of VADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING, KISHAN VAGHASIYA, JAGDISH GONDALIYA & HIRENKUMAR TRAPASIYA, motivated by their strong conviction to start a Startup Venture, decided to get into the food processing industry.

Their company MILLENNIUM TECHNO SOLUTIONS has come up with a complete range of products such as “Automatic Fafda Making Machine“, “Automatic Mithai (Sweet) Making Machines” and many more.

These machines not only automate the existing food making processes but also make it safe and hygienic. The pandemic has required us to change our lifestyle towards a healthy one and these types of machines could very well lead us on the path.

MTS 03Considering the innovation it possesses; VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO (VSS) an emerging startup accelerator powered by PARUL UNIVERSITY has incubated the startup venture. Furthermore, VSS shall be accelerating the innovation by finding the right growth partners, investments, and strategic marketing.

Therefore VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO has extended its fullest support to MILLENNIUM TECHNO SOLUTION‘. Earlier they have received the STUDENT STARTUP & INNOVATION POLICY (SSIP) Grant Support from GTU for one of their previous innovation.

Such innovations bring life to our traditional eatables. Remember till we were living on your traditional means we had healthy lives. These innovations make things easier for everyone yielding best results to all involved.

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