Take Your Enterprise To Next Level – Ramesh Vemuganti

09 July 2019, Hyderabad, Chanakya Consulting:

Shri Ramesh Vemuganti, Chairman of  STATION-H and former President of the HYDERABAD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, conducts Corporate training for all budding enthusiasts.

StartUp Founders need to know about various aspects of good organisation, to succeed. Shri Ramesh Vemuganti, is Visiting Faculty in Technology Management, Osmania University.

They need to build a team along with a good product.Then master the art of sales with innovative strategies. Building is just one half of the story however to win one must build a sustainable entity. Lack of expertise must never play a spoil sport in the growth of the newly formed unit.

To master the art of overall corporate governance, the founding team must be well-equipped. Shri RameshVemuganti, a renowned name in the management domain, invited all professional associates to enrich from his expertise, “I have been regularly conducting Corporate training sessions in the following areas.

  • Sales as a process,
  • Innovative Sales strategies,
  • How to build a Winning organization,
  • SME sector to Corporates – Navigating the journey.
  • Innovative thinking & Culture,
  • Employee Potential into Performance,
  • Professionalism to High Productivity
  • Technology transfer & Interdependence,
  • Interpersonnel skills & Team work
  • Attitude, Goal setting, Motivation
  • Managing in the Digital age
  • Technology Management for a competitive edge.
  • Entrepreneurship development.

The above are 2/ 3/ 6 hour sessions and shall be fine-tuned to the organizations. I work with the SME sector companies in the process of transforming & scaling them into Corporates & MNC.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Molière

Now, I am giving talks on “Take Your Enterprise To Next Level ” , in various organizations now. Over the last few years , I have travelled to various nations – Israel, Spain, UK, Bangladesh, Mexico, Egypt, USA, among others. This resulted in accumulation of knowledge and stupendous learning in various fields. My training programs have been upgraded and reinvented with a contemporary approach and global perspective. It is based on the experience and exposure to Indian and foreign markets with a global outlook spanning across various sectors and services. Here are the details.

  • Sharing expertize, ideas and solutions :
  • Taking your Business/ Enterprise to Next level :

15 years on, 1200 plus talks, lectures, interactions, seminar talks, guest lectures, training sessions in “Technology Management for a Competitive edge”. Its time to share the knowledge & wisdom.
I delivered a guest lecture at Delhi Management Association. Gave an evening talk to over 120 professionals of Silicon Valley at ITU, San Jose, California. Addressing many forums and professionals in many places in India, Bangladesh, others. Now, I have simplified the process of delivering talks in organization for middle level and senior management.

A 2 hour talk in the mornings including Q & A, 8 30 AM to 10 30 AM , or 4 PM to 6 PM, followed with right implementation, can take your organization to next level.

Interactive and Inclusive talk. Pune, N Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Nagpur, Indore, anywhere. In Hyderabad, it can also be two talks of 1 hr each. Elucidating how Management of Technology has influenced the sphere and horizons of Innovations Management & Knowledge management.

Benefits are multifarious : Reducing costs, improving efficiencies of processes/ systems, enhancing quality, improving customer service levels – all resulting in boosting productivity and the organization gaining a Competitive edge in the industry or sector. My talk enables & reorients the employees towards a Corporate flair and reinforced professionalism.

Interested professionals / organizations can kindly Whatsapp/ sms me on 9849590511 or send a mail: consultingchanakya@gmail.com. We will discuss, deliberate, identify the areas to focus in your organization/ group/ institution and plan a talk / training session accordingly.”

Shri Ramesh Vemuganti is an accomplished Corporate Trainer, Quality Assurance expert in Higher education to Bangladesh, Faculty Trainer, CEO Coach, Speaker and a renowned mentor. His core competencies are Teach FTM (Foundational technology management), Technology Forecasting, Technology Transfer and R&D management to working professional and entrepreneurs.

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