Scaling up StartUps, meet the industry @NPC Hyderabad


09 July 2019, Hyderabad, NPCHYD:

  • 12 July 2019 @ HICC NOVOTEL
  • Meet Industry stalwarts
  • HNIs
  • Meet, Network, Strategize

In its endeavour to foster the StartUp Ecosystem in the country NASSCOM and its brand 10000 StartUps have been designing various initiatives. These innovate programs help budding ideators harness their ideas and scale up to the next level, thereby giving equal opportunity for each of them.

And now the 6th NASSCOM Product Conclave – Hyderabad returns with the theme – Scale To Impact. StartUp founders who dream to scale up, be there on 12 July 2019 at HICC NOVOTEL, Hyderabad.

Register today to meet product experts sharing successful stories. http://bit.ly/npchyderabad

The Conclave reaches out to various industry leaders to help chart a path for their businesses, discuss and debate on the possible pitfalls to avoid apart from providing insights on how to truly build a revolutionary high-growth product for this ever dynamic market.”

Serial investors across the nation are counting on investing only in enterprises that have strong balance sheets. Of course nobody would like to take a risk without proper documentation.

However this is the point that must be lacking with most StartUps, who are sure to carve a niche on the national horizon but are short of words in putting them forth to ideal investors who do not look beyond papers.

Such events organised by NASSCOM would help brilliant teams evoke interests from corporate who know the product worthiness as they are thorough bred influencers in the market. These events might click collaborations, a merger or an investment along with abundant networking with the stalwarts of the Indian ecosystem.

On the whole, the 6th NASSCOM Product Conclave – Hyderabad, is boon in disguise to meet the various stakeholders or enthusiasts on one podium. Be there if you would like to grab the eyeballs of the top brands which otherwise might not even entertain an appointment to many of us. Thankyou NASSCOM and 10000 StartUps!

The conclave provides a platform for speakers, entrepreneurs, CXOs, investors, and customers alike to congregate and share their views, develop business ideas, showcase products and network with their peers to build a more vibrant product ecosystem.”

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