STATION-H accelerating the ideation pace in educational institutions, is receiving a red carpet welcome at most places. The team is moving around the capital of the TELANGANA state and meeting great minds to impress upon their modus-operandi. The vision specific curriculum designed by the educational experts of the team’s intelligentsia is garnering warm responses from all quarters.

However, the persistent team that has a bigger vision is ever evolving to serve more with potentials to reap optimum utility of the output-centric program. Recently the team launched their first workshop in Hyderabad.

RAMESH VEMUGANTI and Dr. HAFEEZ BASHA commenced their workshops on Incubation for Entrepreneurship Development at JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD – JNTU Hyderabad.

The team also had a successful meeting with Tollywood Actor Shri. KONERU HAVISH, Vice-President K L deemed to be UNIVERSITY to set-up Incubation Centre at Vijayawada and Hyderabad Campus. The outcome was quite positive and the stalwart’s inputs are going to take STATION-H to the next level.

STATION-H inspired by the educational grooming at MAHINDRA ECOLE CENTRALE, Hyderabad, met Prof. ARYA KUMAR BHATTACHARYA, Dean R&D and gave him a detailed presentation about the proposed program to enhance startup culture within the campus. The dedicated professor showed profound interest.

At BVRIT HYDERABAD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FOR WOMEN, STATION-H interacted with Dr. CHAVA SUNIL KUMAR HOD-EEE, Dr. NAGA VISHNU VARDHAN, HOD-ECE and Dr. ANWAR BASHA, Coordinator Entrepreneurship Development Cell. The team was satisfied after some initial query and emphasized that the institute always welcomed enhancement of startup ecosystem inside the campus. Due to the innumerable encouraging steps for women entrepreneurship on the anvil, BVRIT would be the birthplace for many women startups to spring up felt the team.

The ever-enterprising VNR VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Hyderabad, headed by Shri. AYNAMPUDI SUBBARAO, Dean – Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (Former Advisor to Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology) welcomed the initiative. The college team initiated by KODANDARAM gave a warm welcome to the STATION-H team.

On the other hand, at MUFFAKHAM JAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Hyderabad, Dr. MOHD ARIFUDDIN SOHEL, Chairman IEEE CAS/EDS Joint Chapter, IEEE Hyderabad Section was very enthusiastic about the proposal given by STATION-H. Dr. SYED FERHATHULLAH HUSSAINY, Vice Principal / Dean Admin / Entrepreneurship Development Cell Coordinator suggested valuable inputs, that the STATION-H agreed to pursue.

The first round of meetings concluded with G. NARAYANAMMA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE FOR WOMEN, Dr. RAJKUMAR BIRADAR, Professor & Entrepreneurship Development Cell Coordinator wanted a brief introduction session to take things forward. However, Dr. K. RAMESH garu, Principal found the subject quite interesting.

Slowly but steadily STATION – H is scaling peaks by approaching various institutions and trying to accomplish this herculean task of inculcating entrepreneurship mindsets among students. This would enable turning potential ideators into successful enterprises on the campus. A win-win situation to all involved. With Inputs from internet- RajKishan