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22 November 2018, Hyderabad: Ramesh Vemuganti:

Young StartUp founders and techprenurs need to harness the developments in the tech domain and update their products as the world envisages for better reach. A good product gets its perfect utility only when utilized by maximum number of people who find the particular product helping them lead a better professional and personal life.

Either this could be a set of policies or practices that use technology to design, maintain and augment the consumer with better experience, are the fundamentals of Tech Management. The result could be phenomenal in operational cost effectiveness, creating market dynamic products, enhance client experience or enhance the overall performance.

This subject needed special guidance by experts to enrich our Way2World ecosystem about the various competitive benefits that Tech Management could yield on a broader perspective.

And it was a blessing in disguise when Prof. Ramesh Vemuganti, Chairman of  STATION-H and former President of the HYDERABAD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, agreed to share his experience to throw light on this issue.

While thanking him on behalf of all our readers for his expertise counselling on the subject, we welcome you Sir to Way2World. We have below given in his words about “Technology Management for a competitive edge.”

RV with Bao

He narrated, ‘I delivered a talk on “Technology Management for a competitive edge” on an invitation by International Technological University, ITU at San Jose in Silicon Valley in Feb, 2016. This talk is based on the teaching experience, interactions and information exchange of over a decade with working professionals.

It was a thrilling experience, explaining the various stages of technology management starting from technology – planning, forecasting, innovating, developing, transfer, absorption, diffusion, others.

I was interacting with a group of 125 technology professionals, doing intensive work in cutting edge innovations & emerging areas in electronics, cloud, e commerce, telecom, security, etc. Seen here with Ms Bao Phan, Program Manager, who was very professional in approach & it was nice working together.

The information age has resulted in a knowledge economy. This in turn, has given birth to a Technology revolution as Technology is an application of Knowledge. The Knowledge economy has transformed into an innovation economy which is changing the culture & style of working in organizations.

Today, there is a convergence of technologies & platforms globally. This is impacting economies as well, to a good extant. The present unrest in Europe, complex nature of the road-map for US, rapid progress by India & China, surging ahead by new age economies like Turkey, Vietnam, others – can be explained to the above changes we are witnessing.

Participants gained insights on : Brilliant Technological forecasting, Excellent Innovation Mgt, Effective Technology transfer, Good Technology Assessment, Desirable technology Diffusion, How to do R & D Mgt, Different facets of Technology Mgt to get a competitive edge in industry. 

Many participated in the Q & A and Professionals working in Silicon Valley asked interesting questions on technology development, accelerating product development, disruptive innovations, marketing, forecasting, big data, time to market, etc. Quite enriching!

Participants expressed different perspective on various aspects of Technology management, selling a technology, where USA had focused, what Japanese do, entrepreneurial challenges & various marketing implications. Well received by the delighted global audience. I am doing similar sessions in SME”s, StartUps & Corporates which is extremely useful for them.

We need to understand that the DIKTI world. DIKTI means data, information, knowledge, technology, innovation. The information age, ignited by the microprocessor & spurred by the internet, has expanded & diffused knowledge – across regions, nations & continents. Information & Knowledge is no longer confined to a few institutions & universities.

It has sprawled all over the universe. The fall of the Berlin wall has opened the floodgates for transfer of millions & millions of technologies & innovations, from the West to the East, which was the other way round prior to that. This resulted in Asia emerging as an information powerhouse in the 21st century.

Information age, Knowledge economy, Technology forecasting, Technology transfer, R & D management, Technology assessment, Technology acquisition, absorption, TLC”s, Technology diffusion are various aspect of Technology Management covered in my talk.

They are topics in the wonderful MBA in Technology Management offered by the Dept of Business Management, UCCBM at Osmania University. As a Visiting Faculty since 2001, I delivered over 800 lectures in various aspects and types of Technology Management. Over a 1000 professionals, managers & entrepreneurs have scaled up & are occupying coveted positions globally after doing the MBA – Technology Management program here.

—————————————-Written by Ramesh Vemuganti

About the author: The guest writer is an accomplished Corporate Trainer, Quality Assurance expert in Higher education to Bangladesh, Faculty Trainer, CEO Coach, Speaker and a renowned mentor. His core competencies are Teach FTM (Foundational technology management), Technology Forecasting, Technology Transfer and R&D management to working professional and entrepreneurs.

For his talks/ sessions/ queries, please visit Google and You tube by typing Ramesh Vemuganti“; or Mail to or Call/ whatsapp/ sms to 9849590511.’

Way2World bows to this stalwart for his immense expertise and extempore skills that have empowered many across the ecosystem. With inputs from internet – RajKishan