NPCHYD delivers key takeaways to scaling StartUps


12 Jul 2019, Hyderabad, NPC HYDERABAD:

  • Retail: Tech is changing customer experience – Envision Perfection
  • FinTech & Design: Time to collaborate and reach larger base
  • Health Tech: Massive digital transformation expected across the health care domain
  • CyberSecurity: Future of information tech and out of the box innovations in cyberspace is directly related to the growth
  • AgriTech: Massive disruption is expected in this sector
  • Angel Investment: StartUps in revenue mode attract better investments

Sixth NASSCOM Product Conclave  ended in Hyderabad today with unlimited gyan delivered to upcoming StartUps. The event was a pompous affair in the state ecosystem and the organisers must be appreciated for their meticulous planning. Legendary players in each domain gave key takeaways to the attendees.

There were many StartUps that had showcased their innovations which were a delight and tech updations to many present. BLUERANG, an OYO for IT outsourcing, advises StartUps to reduce the development time with a lean team. StartUps work on thin budgets and BLUERANG innovation would favour their growth on all fronts. They have built tech for 300+ StartUps which include industry stalwarts like YC Funded, HARVARD INNOVATION LAB and MIT DELTA-V incubated StartUps. They claim to solve the problem of hiring for tech corporate with 40% better efficiency.

BLUERANG is helping StartUps get better clients. Because better clients are the only way for an company to find the support and respect and income sought. You don’t have to settle for being the lowest bidder. Better clients challenge you to do better work. Better clients pay the StartUp fairly.
Better clients are eager to tell others about what the new entity has done for them. This Indore based StartUp has already fair amount of Book orders.

QTPI Robotics SCHOOL has a defined model to conduct a yearlong academic robotic course for school students. They give hands on experience to children and help them build kits that would help them develop sharp acumen and computational thinking skills. The model brings these young kids closer to future tech. This Bengaluru StartUp is ready to revolutionise robotics curriculum at the school level.

ONGIL, this Chennai Based StartUp is into synthesising Data for better utility. Their product EQUINOX revolves around Data Integration, Data Analytics, Data Visualisation and Location Analytics. They create Smart Algorithms that provide business recommendations. And deliver impactful prescriptive insights for organisations by augmenting the data with contextual information. The EQUINOX algorithms are designed ideally for strategizing and tapping unknown markets for clients.

M-ZAES is a Hyderabad based StartUp that has developed a product that can store, and play media to different users as per their choice. This multi-zone audio entertainment has found excellent response form clients. It is a smart playing device for smart generations and smart home. While being entertainment equipment it also acts as an address system to different users from the base station. All this can be monitored from your mobile through their advanced application compatible on android and iOS platforms.

DOCUMENT360 helps you digitalise all digital assets in order to review and utilise later. DOCUMENT360 helps your team create, collaborate, and publish a self-service knowledge base for your software with ease. This product enables to maintain multiple versions of articles; get complete protection from accidental changes to content. Get a bird’s eye view of the differences between two article versions in Markdown and Rendered format. Get a sneak peek at the article appearance (on the portal) before publishing the article. With the fast, robust search capability, get a list of suggested articles as you type the search text.

UiPath is the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history with scores of offices, thousands of employees, partnerships with the world’s best consulting and BPO firms, a 200,000-strong developer community, and 5MM+ robots at work in over 2,500 global enterprises. This cross border organisation presented a bouquet of products innovated for all type entities.

VITOR HEALTH, a Bengaluru based StartUp had developed a platform that could synthesise data of a person gathered from various sources and could give predictive analysis.  For just Rs. 200/- VITOR HEALTH can give instant report within ten minutes after conducting ten tests without any piercing. The product is ‘last mile health solution,’ that brings health anywhere anytime. The product is handled by a Digital Health Assistant, with top-of-the-line technology-enabled equipment, visits anyone at any location to conduct a quick health-screening and assists in comprehension of health status in a simple and actionable way.

Light Information, a Pune based StartUp, has developed NLPBOTS, which is the Horizontal AI NLP platform that automates enterprise conversations and processes. NLPBOTS powers AI NLP applications across various enterprise functions focused at Employee engagement, Customer Engagement, Marketing & Sales support, and more. Each implementation is customisable and scalable to suit unique enterprise processes, workflows and user needs. They have developed technology for Semantic understanding of Structured & Unstructured data along with their Proprietary Neural networks to enable enterprise stakeholders to interact and converse with AI NLP assistants for help and transactions in different areas.

GOBUZZR, Chennai based StartUp has developed a “Beehive Monitor”, surveillance fitted to beehive replicas so that it can send a notification to Keepers regarding the status of nests. Monitoring weight of the hive will be done by this device continuously. This information will be sent to the owner’s device at regular intervals of time. The device solves checking up on hives continuously for which they need to wear dedicated suites to protect them from stings. The GOBUZZR is equipped with various contrivances to monitor beehive activity, consisting of an assortment of mechanical systems, hydraulic devices, heat sensors and oscillating cylinders, weight systems, and counting systems. Virtually all of these devices are highly imprecise and require constant maintenance. Simple sensors such as temperature probes are sometimes used to monitor colonies. Simple spring-mounted or electronic balance scales are used to weight hives.

PLAYABLO, StartUp from Bengaluru, had developed a knowledge sharing mobile platform for corporate teams. It has also integrated a gamifying solution to keep the user engaged, which inturn upskills the employees. PLAYABLO envisions bringing meaningful and engaging learning to masses, leveraging human-assistive technologies that are scalable and affordable. PLAYABLO can be customized for any learning objective and across various domains. It automatically reviews, measures, tracks and provides actionable insights.

VOLTUSONE, Hyderabad StartUp helps you build a mobile and web apps in minutes after a thorough knowledge transfer of the requirements has been done. The young team has developed an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), democratizing application by enabling Business Users Build their own App (BYOA) – in FAST, SIMPLE and EFFICIENT way. They have also disrupted the IT app development market by making “DYOA” (Do Your Own Application) with machine learning capabilities and deploy it on any cloud. They assist organisations on their Journey to Digital Transformation by providing an Unified, Machine Intelligent, Enterprise Application Platform As A Service combined with world class consulting in Strategy.

FITSTORY, local StartUp has devised a platform that does 3D body scanning and becomes your GYM instructor. FITSTORY HEALTH is a Comprehensive Fitness & Wellness Technology solution. Using proprietary 3D BVSITM (Body Volume & Surface Imaging) technology, we provide accurate body measurements, body composition analysis, automated, personalized workout programmes, nutrition plans and progress tracking. The product has found utility in Health Care and Fashion domains. They use infra-red based 3D sensing technology, which calculates body measurements, body volume and risk factors associated with a person’s body shape, by measuring weight and fat distribution. This enables more holistic assessments that take into account visceral fat, body metrics and lifestyle factors.

AUGMENTED BYTE, another Hyderabadi StartUp developed a platform that helps one understand the internal topography of a building. The mobile app can navigate the user to his desired destination without enquiring anyone. AUGMENTED BYTE is all about building products from simplest of ideas using latest technologies, bringing a change in the way education is instilled, developing games that intrigue one’s interest, taking visualization of architecture models to next level for solving real time problems.

HABITAT.IO, Chennai based StartUp has developed a social media platform that can help users create communities and communicate within them. This product is the brain child of ORCASO, which is already a global brand. ORCASO allows the user to manage all projects, product development, and marketing campaigns in one place.


However the most interesting was a master class by DIGVIJAY SINGH from the INDIAN ANGELS NETWORK, his insights for angel funding to StartUps was a ready reckoner for those looking for external funding. The Angels look fundamentally for a committed co- founding team, realistic projections that acknowledge competition with clear differentiators and a flexible approach.  In the present dynamics ‘an A class founder even with a B Class idea’ can manage garnering funds but not the other way round.

On the whole, very resourceful event for enthusiasts, “the Conclave reaches out to various industry leaders to help chart a path for their businesses, discuss and debate on the possible pitfalls to avoid apart from providing insights on how to truly build a revolutionary high-growth product for this ever dynamic market.”

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