PLAYABLO makes training entertaining with gamification

Learning Gamified

29 Jul 2019, Bangalore, PLAYABLO:

Training is a cumbersome process for the trainer and the trainee as well. Especially getting all the participants on to a single page in a project is a tough time for any organisation. In addition to these operational issues, the process also incurs huge expenses too.

Giving a serious thought! how could this process be reversed while reducing operational costs. The only solution is to make it easy is to make it available on the go, with infused entertainment and competitive spirit. Exactly this is what PlayAblo is all about.

PlayAblo solves this problem by leveraging Gamification via light weight mobile based LMS. PlayAblo allows HR and L&D Managers to easily proliferate training programs to not just the young employee base but also the geographically spread out employees where it is very expensive to bring them together for regular training. The intuitively designed graphical dashboards provide the management unambiguous and insightful reports that are immediately actionable.

This Bengaluru based StartUp had developed a knowledge sharing mobile platform for corporate teams. It has also integrated a gamifying solution to keep the user engaged, which inturn upskills the employees.

PlayAblo envisions bringing meaningful and engaging learning to masses, leveraging human-assistive technologies that are scalable and affordable. PlayAblo can be customized for any learning objective and across various domains. It automatically reviews, measures, tracks and provides actionable insights.

The company already has three prestigious awards to its credit, EdTech Review Awards: Skill Development Company of the Year (2018), EdTech Review Awards: Game Based Learning Company of the Year (2019) and more recently Winner NASSCOM Product Conclave (2019) held at Hyderabad.

During an interaction with WAY2WORLD, DHEERAJ SHARMA, CEO of PlayAblo spared a few minutes to brief about their venture at the NASSCOM Product Conclave (2019). PlayAblo was started by a 3-member founding team – DHEERAJ SHARMA, ANANTHAKRISHNAN GOPALAKRISHNAN and SUCHITRA PREMKUMAR.

How did you hit upon this solution?

PlayAblo started off as a B2C product focusing on Math & English reinforcement product for the Primary School students. Over the last four years of our model refinement we have now positioned ourselves as a Learning Platform provider with a focus on the Corporate L&D departments as well as Primary Schools.

How did pivoting shape your organisation?

We currently have around 30 customers in this space. Last year our platform was used by nearly 15,000 learners. In FY 19-20 we expect this number to be around 50,000.

What is the problem you think PlayAblo is solving?

The growing millennial population in the corporate world across the globe has presented a unique problem. While the companies need to keep their employees well trained and skilled, the new age employees are no longer able to engage with the traditional approaches to training, be it in class sessions or the typical computer based LMS systems. At PlayAblo we are trying to solve this problem by leveraging Gamification via our light weight mobile based LMS. By this solution, organisations could proliferate training concepts, irrespective of geographical locations. This results in saving the corporate exchequer and huge man hours.

How training is made interesting?

Training and Learning go hand in hand. Structured Training triggers learning while practicing reinforces and improves the learning outcomes. PlayAblo works hand in hand with Corporate Training needs and provides an extremely engaging platform that uses elements of Gamification to inherently motivate learners of today to practice more and in turn significantly improve their learning outcomes.

How do you motivate the trainees?

PlayAblo works as native mobile app as well as via the regular web browsers. We collaborate with the L&D teams of our customers to customize their content to suit the gamified experience and build automated insightful reports. This experience not only motivates the learners but also the trainers & management with actionable insights that they can use to improve the learning outcomes.

On the tech fronts please brief about the platform?

We are powered by Amazon’s AWS at the back end over .NET & SQL Server. On the front end we support iOS as well as Android hand held phones & tablets. The Web front end is powered by HTML 5, Angular JS and JQuery.

Can you share your future plans?

We are focussing heavily towards businesses that have a wide spread employee base that is expensive to bring together for frequent trainings and whose absence from the shop-floor has a direct impact on revenues. The target industries for us are: Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Retail and Pharma.  In addition to the above we are also looking for strategic partnerships for growth in the North America and South East Asian countries.

Being a serial entrepreneur, how do you feel the customer must be appeased?

No customer ever wants to but a technology or a product, however cool. Customer only wants to buy a solution to their problem so do not be afraid to provide a solution to the problem that wraps around your product. Merely pushing your product will get you series of meetings that you think went great but will pass the onus on building a solution to the customer, which will significantly delay their decision making. Go instead with a solution which leverages your product or service. This is also my advice to upcoming founders, a leaf out of what my experience.

How do you think idea validation helps?

It is all too common to fall in love with what you have built based upon what you have hypothesized however, inside four walls you only have opinions. The truth is out there when you talk to the potential customers.

In a nutshell, PlayAblo, delivers actionable insights like Real-time, actionable intelligence, Aggregated performance trends and Individual learner’s usage, progress and performance analysis. With all these benefits, PlayAblo is a Cost effective, scalable and entitlement based Corporate Learning solution.

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