Innovate Products need of the hour – VIJAY BAWRA

03 July 2019, Hyderabad, 10000 StartUps:

  • Acceleration, since last five years with 4000+ Alumni
  • Incubation for 100+ Product Concepts
  • Integrate with 400+ connects, 330 funding, 3000+ events
  • NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program (NIPP) with 300+ global immersions
  • Nurturing and fuelling the entrepreneurial spirit in India since 2013

NASSCOM played a vital role in pitching the nation on the global frontiers of software domains. In its endeavour to foster StartUp culture within the country, has embarked on an initiative, 10000 STARTUPS. In 2016 partnered with the government to launch ‘Start-Up India’ initiative and enhanced its mission in giving level playing grounds to all ideating brains in the country.

Cashing in on the boom created by the dotcom companies and some Ecom giants like Amazon and Flipkart, 10000 STARTUPS was to give birth to many more such unicorns. Employment bridging the gaps became impossible that gave the right impetus for the growth of the StartUp Ecosystem. Youth started focusing more on addressing the problems with sound solutions.

NASSCOM wanted to repeat the magic spell it cast earlier on the software domain and successfully did do it in the StartUp arena as well. Of course nothing big can be achieved without a formidable team that eat, sleeps and dreams of uniform vision of enhancing the survival rate of emerging StartUps.

Getting the right people at the right place played a vital role for NASSCOM to emerge as the most successful enabler in the country. Launched in April 2013, 10000 STARTUPS is the pioneer initiative to scale up the StartUp ecosystem in India.

NASSCOM’s Vision, “India doesn’t offer a single product in the top 100 global products, despite being in top 3 ecosystems. As we continue to invest our efforts in building, nurturing and growing the Indian startup ecosystem, we aspire to create globally acclaimed products from India in the next 3 years and generate value for start-ups to sign-up for membership plan. Along the way, we aim to become the deep tech platform for incubators and accelerators through ecosystem facilitation.” True to its ideology 10000 STARTUPS has recorded a phenomenal growth which inturn triggered the overall development of the ecosystem.

Way2World had a sweet encounter with Vijay Bawra the regional head of 10000 STARTUPS, Hyderabad. In his interaction he emphasised that India needs more product based StartUps that would formidably strengthen the economy and give us the much longed ‘Development Country’ tag.

How do you find the Hyderabad Ecosystem?

Awesome! The stakeholders are very amiable and are trying their best to enhance the overall productivity rate. Since taking position in 2016, personally the catalysts to the phenomenal development have been the Central and State governments that have encouragement emerging ideators to take a courageous plunge and succeed.

How is 10000 STARTUPS contributing?

We conduct various programs based on themes like Accelerate, Incubate, NIPP and Integrate. We had devised the warehouse formula which in modern day is known as co-workings places. Nationally we have about ten such places that accommodate emerging ideators and hold their hands to scale up.

How to get an entry into 10000 STARTUPS Hyderabad?

It is the same across the country, every interested founder needs to apply on our website: http://10000startups.com. At Hyderabad we are sector agnostic and are on the lookout for some good product based solutions. We do early incubation and help them with mentor services through domain experts and peer. Later as the team size increases and StartUps would like to move into individual premises, we counsel them through virtual incubation to stay in connect and guide them in their success saga. Right now till date we have incubated 25+ at this centre and are connected through Virtual incubation with 60+ StartUps.

How do you help them?

In addition to providing them space in their early stages we also bring in the expertise of renowned industry personalities who help budding entrepreneurs, strategize on idea validation, product prototype and go-to-market issues. These three are the most powerful areas that help new entities scale up to desired levels.

We help them showcase their products at various NASSCOM events to get a direct access to industry connects. We get them office hours of professionals like CAs, Lawyers and other consultants to help new founders shape entities with all necessary compliances. We get them connected to various government agencies and private investors to help the enthusiastic teams while scaling up. At Hyderabad we sincerely are working hard to put our city ahead of our counter-part ecosystems.

What is your advice to youth?

India has enough problems with a large market base. See those problems as opportunities and find tech based solutions, products that not only are bought here but anywhere else in the world.

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