Women Entrepreneurship needs to top the agenda

Women Empowerment -I

08 December 2018, India:

Women empowerment is a word I never acknowledge……yes why empower someone who are already empowered…..the world’s first and best multitasking person is a woman….she juggles various hats in a family and performs best to satisfy all involved otherwise none of our families would have been peaceful……so we should help them understand the world of opportunities…..and most importantly, we need to counsel men who stand between them and their success…do you agree…..

Let me start with a story what once Vinnet Nair of Sampark Foundations narrated, with a little tweaking around, once  three ants gathered and were discussing their future plans…..the first one wanted to be a rich ant, the second one wanted to be a scholar….the third one after a serious thought claimed ‘I don’t want to be an ant but want to transform into a butterfly and fly away’……and that day a StartUp founder is born….the day you plan to think-out-of-the-box, a StartUp is born…however not all butterflies fly take off…..let’s broadly analyse the reasons….

  1. Take chances and believe in your ideas: Initially people will laugh at you but when you succeed the same will connect with you…..Success is just not making money…it’s all about how glad you feel about your achievements. Remember being positive will help you scale greater heights and that is possible only when you are in the right company….you are defined by the company you stay with….networking plays a vital role in your success.

Way2world is a classic example….when I started in 2007….wanted to encourage entrepreneurship and prove it as a better alternative like higher education and employment. Be a job provider than being a mere job seeker….I faced reluctance from the markets which was not fit for the market then….but today we are well known across the national StartUp ecosystem.

  1. Think Challenges as opportunities: Reset you mindset, as there could be thousand excuses not to do something but to do, only one shrewd willpower to accomplish the impossible, will suffice. Be proactive to problems because they need solutions and as an ideator, only you can solve them once while addressing a gathering someone asked me, ‘sir is there a book where problems are listed, guess what I said….I just smiled and told them that your daily newspaper is a can of problems.. have a broader vision and try to percolate that vision into your team members to get a potential output. Take the right actions at the right time……right attitude leads you to reach the place you want in the fastest way. One live example…….Nishant and Palash founded RENAURA WELLNESS, a formulation and research company in the beauty, personal care and wellness domains. The duo started out in 2015 to wage a war after facing problematic situations in personal hair care while in college. It is a well-known fact that Vellore ground water level is polluted, due to the effluents released by neighboring tanneries that surround the town. After identifying the problem, the duo decided to go on their own, to address the issue. Today they possess an award winning personal care segment disrupting products in the professional beauty care space and are on a path to expand presence in India. RENAURA WELLNESS pretentiously launches ILUVIA brand hard water shampoo that fights the damaging effects of mineral and product deposits on hair and scalp despite water conditions.

Way2World is all set to encourage women entrepreneurship. Women founders are the need of the hour. We would be glad to help you in realizing your objectives. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

(To be continued …….)