Is your hair your concern,

Are you having hard water issues

Want to keep your hair healthy despite bad water

Are you affected by water pollution

Worried about hair loss

Want to wage a war against hard water

Two chemical engineers mentored by JAYASHANKAR VARIYAR at VIT Vellore, want to help you fight against hard water concerns on your hair.

Nishant Gupta (Director: Corporate Affairs and Marketing) and Palash Pandey (Director: Operations and Technology) founded RENAURA WELLNESS, a formulation and research company in the beauty, personal care and wellness domains.This Bengaluru based startup is creating ripples in the segment, bringing success to the founders and health to the users.

The duo started out in 2015 to wage a war after facing problematic situations in personal hair care while in college. It is a well-known fact that Vellore ground water level is polluted, due to the effluents released by neighboring tanneries that surround the town.

After identifying the problem, the duo decided to go on their own, to address the issue. They were initially incubated at VIT TBI that helped them get some government grants. With these funds on hand, they were well equipped to take things forward in their venture. They later got the MSME grant and won a startup competition helped them to move to go-to-market stage.

Today they possess an award winning personal care segment disrupting products in the professional beauty care space and are on a path to expand presence in India.

RENAURA WELLNESS prestigiously launches ILUVIA brand hard water shampoo that fights the damaging effects of mineral and product deposits on hair and scalp despite water conditions.

The business model had been uniquely designed to serve elite clientele through online portals and reputable saloons.

In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, they explained, ‘we would like to address the growing concerns, of people, over the impact of poor environmental factors like hard water on hair and skin.’

Through a research WHO ascertains that nearly 70% of India receives water that can be classified as moderate to very hard.

Under these trying circumstances, ILUVIA hard water shampoo is your best alternative to keep you hair healthy.

They claim, ‘ILUVIA Hard Water Shampoo, gently and effectively removes damaging mineral deposits from hair and scalp leaving hair feeling softer, fuller and more manageable, fighting the damaging effects of mineral and product deposits.’

The business model had been uniquely designed to serve elite clientele through online portals and reputable saloons. It is a top-selling product on multiple platforms.

Watch out in the near future, ‘RENAURA aims to be a leader in formulative innovation and strives to create products that provide a better, healthier and holistic lifestyle for people.’

Special thanks to STARTUPS CLUB, conclude the founders. ‘SALMA MOOSA had personally encouraged us and helped us strategizing our products success at all stages of our traction, since 2016.

MAHESH BHALLA is our mentor and a trusted well-wisher for our organization. He had been available to help us at any time, inspite of his hectic schedules. The two-startup enthusiasts played a crucial role in our growth.

They further added, ‘the KUMARAVEL couple of NATURALS also helped us to scale up product branding. They had helped us turn into reckonable brands in the beauty segment.’

WAY2WORLD wishes to update, ‘identify the problem and visualize the solution, the  journey would automatically be defined, helping yourself while helping many others on the way, as you scale peaks.’ With inputs from internet – RajKishan