VICARA, RENAURA to rock the markets, funded by SCINcurator

Demo Day 2018

27 September 2018, Bengaluru: Startups Club:

Nurturing an idea and mentoring it into a StartUp becomes a worthwhile experience when the new formed entity grows into a commendable brand.

The headquarters of Startups Club is the shrine of success for ideators. Walk in with perseverance and an idea, in due time the innovator is bound to walk out with a successful enterprise.

Agnostic StartUps from across the country have gained immense strengths from this club which has a membership base of almost 25K StartUps across the country.

As the club is gearing up for its mega StartUp event, DEMO DAY 2018, the founding team took pride in unleashing two new enterprises, nurtured in house, to the nation of billions.

The two products were out-of-the-box ideas by young students who walked the extra mile by holding the hands of the club mentors and are today, the talk of the nation.

Commemorating this joyful occasion Startups Club, claimed, “Wearable Tech Startup Vicara & Wellness Startup Renaura Take Form: Incurated by the nation’s premier startup community – “Startups Club”, Vicara and Renaura are now ready to enter the market

Startups Club (SC) announced the successful incuration of two diverse startups, Vicara and Renaura, at its headquarters in Bengaluru. Both the startups are the product of Demo Day (Renaura, winner city level at Chennai and Vicara, Grand winner at Finale 2016).

Startups club is a community that mentors budding and established entrepreneurs during their infancy (0-3 years old), and serves perfect mix of incubation and acceleration support for startups.  SC enables mentoring, connections, market access, collaboration, funding and opportunities from the startup ecosystem, for young start-ups ranging from Concept to Growth stage.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Salma Moosa, Managing Director & Founder of Startups Club said, “Disruptive innovation is the order of the day, and these startups are on the right path of creating products and are both unique in their own fields of expertise. It was a mutual learning curve and a memorable experience having both Vicara and Renaura under the Incuration program of Startups Club”.

Angel investor, Mr. Mahesh Bhalla said, “As an investor, I am on the lookout for path-breaking ideas, and both Vicara and Renaura have delivered in terms of innovation. I am very excited to partake in these ventures and I’m looking forward to see where the future takes us.”

Vicara, founded by Abhishek Satish and Adarsh Warrier, seeks to enhance humanity by creating advancements in wearable technology that augment human computer interface. Their latest product – “Kai” – is a piece of wearable technology that tracks finger and hand gestures to host a set of activities in any environment. The product is targeted at creative professionals as it functions best as a productivity innovation tool.

“For us, the best part of working with Startups Club was that we were asked all the right question by experienced professionals, and that helped us focus on what is important to our customers” said, Adarsh Warrier, Co-Founder, Vicara.

Renaura – a research and formulation company in the beauty, personal care and wellness domain, with water solubility as the key factor. It has developed a hard water shampoo called “Iluvia” to potentially remove the mineral deposit to soften human hair. Renaura is founded by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) alumnus Nishant Gupta and Palash Pandey.

“While we were still refining this idea, we were introduced to Startups Club. Working with Startups Club has given us the confidence and resources to take it to the next level”, said Nishant Gupta, Co-founder, Renaura.

Vicara and Renaura have been funded and developed with the help of the SCINcurator platform of Startups Club.

About Startups Club: Startups Club is the widest community of entrepreneurs; where entrepreneurs come together to learn, share and grow. Startups Club was founded in 2013.The objective of the Club is to ensure that startups and those who support the startup ecosystem can converge and engage with one another resulting in the benefit of both.  Startups Club is a platform for startups from napkin stage to growth stage which enable connection, collaboration, funding and networking. Startups Club has a strong association with its members, as well as alliance with entities such as Indian Angel Networks, Technology Business Incubator – Vellore and many others. .

To know more, please visit:  https://startupsclub.com/demoday

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Way2World wishes these innovative StartUps a grand success in their endeavors. We hope that many more inventive brains utilize services of the club and illuminate the horizon with their success. With inputs from internet – RajKishan