Are you a startup, willing to mould for better sales

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to achieve targets

Are you a management student wishing to seek knowledge from sales gurus

Are you an aspiring startup team

Do you know about modern sales tools

Well if any or all questions have been bothering you since sometime then you must register now to attend the VIRTUEHUNT CONCLAVE 2K18.

Gain knowledge, win prizes, network with mentors and get advise of the appropriate sales strategy for your specific products to scale greater market depths.

Most startups have brilliant ideas about specific product/services. On the other hand, exposure to marketing could be zero. The combo of a good product with a perfect sales strategy results in creating an impact on sales figures. This eventually helps the enterprise thrive.

Recently as I was discussing with a renowned mentor on Marketing and Sales, from Hyderabad, he gave me some insights into the mindsets of a few entrepreneurs who were in the market since sometime.

He went on that one of his clients called him for references to market their products, which should eventually result in sales. Moreover, this specific client had been in the market since a few years. The stalwart immediately replied that he would do but how long the caller would continue selling on this strategy. A question to ponder….

The moral of the experience is that entrepreneurs must realize the importance of marketing and sales in the growth of the enterprise. To enhance the output, understanding the modern business dynamics are most important. A perfect sales strategy in place can put the enterprise on the threshold of success.

The VIRTUEHUNT CONCLAVE 2K18 is an opportunity to startups and entrepreneurs to have a bird’s eye view on the modern techniques delivered by industry intelligentsia.

A single platform where the Gurus of the domain will deliver answers to succeed by redesigning sales strategies to achieve optimum levels with existing resources.

Probably they might not brief something unknown but they are sure to create an impact on the way business is done for becoming reckoning brands of the domains.

“Register now for VIRTUEHUNT CONCLAVE 2K18 @ Hyderabad in July 18

  • Virtue Hunt presents Conclave 2K18. This conclave will focus on the topics like startups and entrepreneurship, the importance of marketing in business growth and the modern business trends.
  • The conclave will witness the involvement of startups from different cities, the working professionals, the mentors, women achievers from different organisations, the local heroes (the local achiever), and some passionate students who have a deal to achieve something good in life and also who have ideas. It’s open for all and everyone is invited.
  • We will also be distributing some awards and rewards for our participants. We have seven award categories as follows:
  • THE ACHIEVERS AWARD: For the entrepreneurs who have got some brilliant ideas and have achieved success tin executing them to some good level.
  • UNIQUE IDEA AWARD: For the student who have most unique and realistic idea that can contribute towards the growth of the society,
  • HUSTLER’S AWARD: For the fastest growing startup/employee in any organisation.
  • MOST VALUABLE STARTUP: For the startup, that has got the best idea for serving the society.
  • WOMEN ACHIEVERS: For female employee/entrepreneur/student who have achieved something remarkable in their journey of life.
  • MOST PROMISING IDEA:  For the most realistic idea with the best revenue model.
  • LOCAL HEROES: For local achievers who have grown significantly despite of the barriers on their path.”

Way2World proudly announces that we are the digital partners for this event. We hope participation would be in good numbers. The registration charges are very nominal. However, we assure that gyan would be abundant.

Change your mind set about marketing and sales as you walk out of the venue with success strategies. With inputs from internet – RajKishan