Would you like an advice on how to mould your career

Are you down after a failure and want a motivational advice

Do you want to discuss your business ideas

Are you a guest lecturer trying to find avenues

Are you a motivational coach wanting to reach wider audience

In our search for the best elucidation available online for all the above issues, we stumbled on this online solution from VSSOL. This initiative, first of its kind in the country, provides counseling for 140 plus worldwide courses. One can master these programs while relaxing in their comfort zones.

Of course, nothing good comes easily, and the best yields only after abundant hard work and numerous sacrifices. VSSOL is the brainchild of a young women entrepreneur, DIVYA JAIN, who desired to bring in a massive change in the knowledge segment.

As usual, the road to entrepreneurship, for DIVYA, was filled with hurdles and setbacks. However, her parents stood by her side and helped her reach the pinnacles of her dreams.

Today VSSOL offers Career Counseling, Motivational Counseling, Business Ideas, Pre – Booking as a Guest Lecturer and Pre Booking as a Motivational Speaker. This ideal platform unites expert coaches and students, assisting in knowledge transfer.

The first digital counseling platform offers counseling through video, email or by phone. The learner centric organization has adopted a unique methodology of counseling with proficiency from UK.

The success of the project was totally in the strategy designed by the team, which evaluates the IQ levels of every individual user and designs tailor-made solution.

Users claim that this modus-operandi has been the best experience for them. The motto of VSSOL has helped in converting any situation into a win-win formula for all.

DIVYA was pondering over the concept, since her college days and even quit her lucrative job to pursue her dreams. However, the company took shape on November 9 2017 in Hyderabad.

Likeminded team members, DILPREET SINGH JUNEJA, SRIJAN MUKHERJEE, SHAGUN GUPTA, KUSHMEET KAUR CHAWLA, and AAMER FAIZ, flank this women entrepreneur. They have an important role in the development of the concept, since day one, claims DIVYA.

Way2World wishes women entrepreneurship in India must thrive and reach above their counterparts, like in China.

Innovators like DIVYA are an inspiration to many women living across the nation. All the best DIVYA, we salute your perseverance. With inputs from internet – RajKishan