Are you aware of the difference between marketing and sales…

Are you aware of how to design the strategy for marketing your concept,

Do you know how branding plays a vital role in sales…

Do you know how to plan advertising economically to large-scale reach….

Are you a techno startup and finding ways to promote your products…

Then the best solution at hand is to plan, ahead, to visit the VIRTUE HUNT CONCLAVE 2018 to be held in July at Hyderabad. Watch these columns for news about the date and venue.

The modern marketing trends have shifted gears and moving to the international arena with the onset of digital marketing. However, the footholds at the local level are equally important to make a thorough impact and reap richer dividends.

While the corporate are concentrating on both online and offline marketing, the small traders are limiting their market size within their vicinity. The predominate factor that is suppressing the interests of the small trader is the expenses involved and lack of knowledge on digital platform.

However not many can differentiate between marketing and sales. Marketing is a way to convince the consumer to buy your product but sales is more effective proposition that sells your product to the consumer,

To know more on such issues that might change the outlook on the market dynamics and give chance to redesign your sales strategy, VIRTUE HUNT CONCLAVE 2018 would be a great help for startups and entrepreneurs.

VIRTUE HUNT is a Hyderabad startup manned by an enterprising team of youngsters with wide exposure in branding and advertising.

The techies understand the importance of Social media marketing, content management system, SMS marketing, E-mail marketing that plays a vital role is supporting branding of the organization.

The services they offer include designing logos, website, banners, flyers, booklets, graphic designing, SMM, SEO, CMS, Email Marketing, SMS and Advertising brands, products. These strategies are sure to take organizations to next level utilizing both offline and online tools.

VIRTUE HUNT proposes to launch a magazine that gives deep insights into Designing, Branding and Advertising, as a follow up to the event. The magazine would highlight the views of industry stalwarts, which would have a positive impact on the reader in redefining strategies.

Way2world wishes the young team a grand success in their endeavor. We hope their innovative thoughts should pave way for a bright future of many startups and improve the ecosystem in the country. With inputs from internet – RajKishan


  1. Beautifully written and very well described the role of marketing in today’s world. And as we always believe marketing is not a qualification it’s a quality.

  2. Developing or coming up with something new and unique is good, but how will everybody get to know what you have made until you speak out? You have to speak to be heard, and at VirtueHunt Conclave 2018 you’ll witness and learn about how to hack your growth, expand your limits and speak out in front of the people who are unaware of what you came up with.

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