May be we must connect and work together to achieve progress. No matter where you are virtually we are connected but nothing can compensate live interaction. A notification on one of the many groups I participate had a posting as mentioned below.

This was an event to be held in Pune, it was an example of how teamwork excels in live environment.

Every incubating city must have such events that could bring aspirers, mentors and funders on one platform in a limited edition format. These places are quite inspiring for one-to-one interactions.

They could help the aspirers find the best business proposition. The situations would assist in validating the idea, building a network and finding the right mentors.

These line-ups on a small scale help aspirants tide over apprehensions and shyness that would eventually make them design a business plan with true mentorship.

These proceedings have a positive impact on the psychology of the aspirants and encourage them to move to the next levels.

More such events with limited participation must be encouraged to foster entrepreneurship mindset into the younger knights who are sure to excel.

“Let us all meet and connect with each other and plan for what startups can do better in the future to promote entrepreneurial thought and action.
Come one, come all! Think of it as a comfortable informal chat to know each other, a few of us will also present their startup ideas which we can discuss. 🙂
Venue: CCD, Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune – 411001, India
Most welcome to bring along business plans/discussion points and/or queries wrt fundraising etc.” an invitation by Digvijay Madamae

Organized by SWORK, PUNE: “Swork, by UPSHIP is a network for startups, startup enthusiasts and students who are passionate to do what it takes to solve problems and drive change in the world around us.

Do you believe in the power of starting up? Do you believe in the power of ordinary people with extraordinary ideas and the will to execute on them? We do.

Join The Dreamers, Makers, Thinkers, Doers in the mission to make a dent in the universe!
No Skills Required. If you can dream, you’re in the team.

This is where we’ll help you learn, connect, meet and explore.
Don’t learn entrepreneurship, LIVE IT.”

Way2World wishes all such creative minds, good luck, collectively we could scale greater heights and achieve better results. With inputs from internet – RajKishan