VexmaTech fights against Covid – Young techies leave lucrative global dreams to serve the nation!


  • 1 in every 5 people infected with COVID-19 develop difficulty in breathing and require hospital care
  • 60,948 ventilators purchased in India
  • Ventilator takes over the body’s breathing process when disease has caused the lungs to fail
  • Mechanical Ventilation and Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Ventilator also has a humidifier, which adds heat and moisture to the air supply so it matches the patient’s body temperature

01 'VEXMA TECHNOLOGIESCovid -19 Corona Virus brought the global populace to a grinding halt. However while the other nations were stuck in a deep mess, It was our own Startup Ecosystem that retorted and fought against this pandemic, in style.

Being smitten by the ‘service to the nation bug’, two young techies return to answer motherland calling and set up a StartUp after abroad education, leaving lucrative opportunities there.

Nurtured by Vadodara Startup Studio – Parul University, their dream turns into national acclaim, the duo successfully develop what is the most needed to treat patients. Now to know their story from the innovators will give the readers knowledge, hence we are publishing as said…..

“Vadodara Based Startup VEXMA TECHNOLOGIES Designed Advanced HealthTech Devices to Address the Ongoing Demands of the Pandemic: Early-stage Technology Startup Converted Disaster Situation into the Opportunity

Vadodara Startup Studio – Parul University Incubated Startup Venture ‘VEXMA TECHNOLOGIES‘ have changed the critical situation of pandemic into a great opportunity by designing a “Transportable Ventilation Machine – “Emergency Respiratory Ventilation Apparatus“.

02 'VEXMA TECHNOLOGIESShailendra Patel and his brother Shaurin Patel, two young technocrats and entrepreneurs, built a transportable ventilation machine known as ‘Emergency Respiratory Ventilation Apparatus, under their startup venture VEXMA TECHNOLOGIES‘.

After observing the COVID situation, thus, increasing demand for the ventilation machines in the market, and with an aim to provide ventilation facilities at home shortly, the Patel Brothers took this initiative.

03 'VEXMA TECHNOLOGIESThese visionary entrepreneurs, who after completing their studies abroad, came back to India to serve their country, began to ideate and design this machine, keeping in mind its demand as well as the shortage due to pandemic.

With the help of a passionate and dedicated team of experts, they made the ventilation machine in a short period and sent for necessary government approvals. It is to be acknowledged that these young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs are soon planning to build a large number of developed portable ventilation machines after acquiring the essential approvals.

After the lockdown, these entrepreneurs were given significant support, guidance and incubation support by Vadodara Startup Studio, a Startup Incubation & Acceleration Centre initiated by Vadodara’s renowned Parul University.

With the motive to encourage the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the Patel Brothers began to put in their efforts to develop indigenous devices. In the initial phase, they designed three prototypes then after necessary testing and trials, the final product was prepared, which included smart & advance features that simplified the operations of the machine.

These advance features include fire safety sensors, auto-calibration sensors, ability to record more than 2 lakh real-time data, and a simple touch-operated control system.

'04 VEXMA TECHNOLOGIESHow did they come up with the idea?

The time of lockdown made everyone sit at home with no work and earnings in hand. During that period, when the Patel Brothers were locked in with no projects on hand, began to discuss to do something constructive in their venture while helping the COVID warriors, with their team members.

This led them to do extended research on the market situation, wherein the team of VEXMA TECHNOLOGIES found that there was no market for a life-saving ventilation machine which could be easily transported at a low cost.

And so, they designed a new, portable machine which can easily treat a patient anywhere, anytime. It also has a chargeable battery which can last long for 8 hours, proving to be worthy in case of an emergency, while moving the patient from one place to another in an ambulance.”

This noble initiative by Patel Brothers is a classic example of how the StartUp Ecosystem in India fought against the global pandemic.

This also suggests that in spite of having education abroad, GenNext feel serving the motherland is their primary objective. For remarkable updates from Vadodara Startup Studio, watch this space.

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