Educated in London, Back in India to eradicate illiteracy – NIHAR AGARWAL

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07122020 Vadodara, ANVESHA COMPOSITE:

  1. Average School dropouts in our country is 17.6% for boys and nearly 57% for girls
  2. Reasons: Academic failures, Socio economic conditions, Bad Influence, Disengagement…
  3. What do such dropouts do to make a living
  4. How will they be treated by this society
  5. Is it true that nearly 80% of people in jail have no formal education

Deeper analysis on school dropouts will only lead to a more chaotic situation. For most of us this is an emotional thought and for a few more it is a matter of negligence by the system. However the outcome is more pathetic for the society and to the dropping out child, equally.

Such kids develop psychological ill-being as they lose their self-esteem predominantly. The fundamental situation is that they fail to earn sufficiently to fulfil their basic desires due to lack of education and skill set.

Under such trying circumstances they resort to menial jobs like rag picking, household jobs and few may even try evil things too. How best to solve this issue is a big questions on the minds of many social enterprises.

Today we bring you the story of one such very young lady who finished her Masters in London but returned to her homeland to fight for such DROPOUTs, who were otherwise neglected by the system.

Lets learn the real truth behind this young angel who had descended to give right to earn a decent living for everyone in the society. And if the narration is by her mentors, it is all the more interesting……

With a social startup, a woman entrepreneur makes a successful effort to keep away the tag of ‘uneducated’ from the children who circumstantially drop out by developing the skills preferred by them using modern technology

With a noble idea to lay a foundation of learning for the students who choose to drop out because they do not succeed in their exams, a social startup ‘ANVESHA COMPOSITE‘ was commenced by a social entrepreneur of Vadodara, NIHAR AGARWAL.

She developed a hybrid learning module which would help the students attain skill-based vocation training, who are deprived of education due to various social as well as economic reasons at an early age. It will also solve the question of the requirement of skilled employees for the industries in the periphery.

ANVESHA is a successful effort to build industrial careers. Incubated and supported by Vadodara Startup Studio‘, an emerging acceleration centre powered by the city’s renowned Parul University, this social startup is addressing the problem of skill gap.

How did NIHAR come up with the idea?

Anvesh Composites 01According to NIHAR AGARWAL, founder of ANVESHA COMPOSITES, when she returned to India in 2016 after completing her masters from London, she found out through research of 2 years that a large number of children in the country are enrolled in school but for various social or economic reasons they drop out.

It leads society to tag them as ‘illiterate‘, which makes them lose their confidence. Consequently, there are chances that such children choose the wrong path. Apart from that, NIHAR(as her close friends call her) discovered that children are ready to do something meaningful in their lives and also, various small and large manufacturing companies need skilled and talented people.

NIHAR, observing this, came up with a social startup ANVESHA COMPOSITES‘ which, with the help of technology, is working as the bridge between the two.

Now, ANVESHA COMPOSITE, with their developed hybrid Learning Tech Tool, has worked and is still working hard to change the lives of bountiful children. The social startup is further planning to scaleup the model for it to reach to various corners of the country.

NIHAR expresses that after researching for 2 years it was established that the children are willing to do something meaningful in their lives independently. Also, the manufacturing industries require skilled employees, and so her startup works to fulfil their needs while helping the children create a bright future.

The incubator Vadodara  Startup Studio strives to render all the required support to the budding innovators and/or entrepreneurs while nurturing the startup ventures by making them accessible to the opportunities that offer government or private grants.”

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