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  1. Do you feel amused when someone pronounces a NO acceptably
  2. How effective is communication helping in customer engagement
  3. Do you know we have two types of customers internal & external
  4. What helps loyalty enhance
  5. How is commitment conveyed effectively with right communication

An effective NO could take you to places but an ineffective YES could lead you nowhere. Ultimately it is effective communication that assures success. And StartUp founders need real effective Comm Skills to handle their internal and external customers even when they are sailing in rough weather.

VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO, an unique initiative that connects Entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Experts on a single page, is the brain child of the prestigious PARUL UNIVERSITY. Within a short span of time the initiative has incubated 50+ StartUps and mentored more than 65 founders.

The success of its journey rests thoroughly on the think tank working purely on service motto. Infact this genuine intentions have led this enabler organize many events for the benefit of the national ecosystem. One such important event that concluded recently is ‘Effective Communication in a Startup’, by none other than one of India’s most effective coach ASHU MANCHANDA.

|‘Perfection in communication makes a venture more successful’, discussed in the webinar ‘Effective Communication in a Startup-A Doorway to Success’ organized by Vadodara Startup Studio

Soft skills are the prerequisites for any organization or startup for it to function properly, and communication is one of the essential skills to reach to perfection and create a unique brand in the market.

VSS 01VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO, an incubation and acceleration center, powered by VADODARA’s esteemed university, PARUL UNIVERSITY, after recognizing the scenario, took an initiative to organize a webinar on ‘EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN A STARTUP – A DOORWAY TO SUCCESS’. With the motive to enrich the performance and queries of the startups incubated at the studio.

The session was conducted by the renowned national soft skills trainer and TTT trainer ASHU MANCHANDA, founder of LIFE (Learning Institutes For Everyone). She, with her expertise, explained the significance of effective communication for any startup venture.

Ms. ASHU discussed that the human resource plays a crucial in any organization and so, the manner in which a startup and its team express their ideas, thoughts or suggestions in the internal as well as external forum, is of great importance.

According to a survey, more than 60% of the companies do not have a long-term communication strategy due to which over 72% of employees do not have a complete understanding of the company news, necessary information or company strategy, which consequently becomes an obstacle to the growth of the company.

Thus, a simple solution was discussed in the session while mentioning that an open, clear and transparent internal communication keep the executives or team members of the venture inspired, engaged, educated and informed at all times. And this makes them feel valued, involved and motivated.

Vss 02Ms. ASHU also discussed that the success of the startups majorly depends on the 3 crucial factors of communication: value, passion and uniqueness, and these will also help them to create a brand in the market.  As quoted by Dr. Peter F. Drucker, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”, and with this the session was concluded.

PARUL UNIVERSITY’s powered VADODARA STARTUP STUDIO is one of the emerging incubation and acceleration centers in Central Gujarat, which was established in August 2020.

It aids with complete support to the innovators in the creation and aspiring entrepreneurs while nurturing various startup ventures by making them accessible to the opportunities to attain grants/schemes rendered by the government as well as the private investors.|

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