Sravan opens prospective agenda in TITA

Telangana Information Technology Association

20 January 2019, Hyderabad, TITA:

The most happening state of Telangana has always been aggressive in giving a bigger podium to innovation. The state Government has been trying its best resources to nurture the local StartUp Ecosystem with initiatives that are trendsetters across the nation.

Hyderabad, the innovative IT Capital of the country has been a role model and has many associations that enhance the domain from all quarters. However Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) is the most dominant in the arena. TITA has various wings that serve the IT industry and help it prospect creating a conducive environment. TITA has been vociferous even before the state formation and took centre stage in the new state.

The latest feather in its cap, SRAVAN KUMAR DAVULURI swears in as StartUp Community Secretary at TITA, breathing in StartUp expertise to the multi feathered crown. The serial entrepreneur, early stage investor and IT expert is all set to create a benchmark in the ecosystem with his new position. He swears in a pompous ceremony on Saturday at the GYMKHANA CLUB in the city.

In his maiden interview with Way2World after assuming office, SRAVAN KUMAR DAVULURI briefed that his immediate concentration would be to empower upcoming StartUps and ideators which in turn would reduce the mortality rate.

He said, “the state government has many innovative initiatives for the emerging innovators, our prime focus would be to let the needy aware of them and empower them.

We would try to nurture the ecosystem in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where the most is happening. Because by enriching rural entrepreneurship scenario and creating level playing grounds for rural brethren, knowledge and utility are well balanced.

In addition we would also try connecting the StartUps working in silos on domain specific initiatives creating a win-win situation to both the entities that are connected. By doing so the ecosystem would scale up at a rapid pace and creating an advantageous situation to all involved.

We would also try our best to rope in domain expert mentors to help the ideas take consumer acknowledgeable models. This would enhance the penetration levels of the products and services initiated by these StartUps. Better markets would mean good success rate and inturn encourage more to take up entrepreneurship as one of the best option for future building.

He thanked the TITA team and especially TITA founder SUNDEEP KUMAR MAKTHALA, who have given a wonderful platform to reach out to StartUps and nurture them.

TITA has always been vehemently scouting for enterprising individuals to transcend its vision and motive across the state. However with this new inclusion it supersedes its own track record of only the best at TITA.

TITA was started in the year 2013 by IT Veterans who hail from Telangana region. TITA is Non-Profit & Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for welfare of Telangana IT Students, IT Employees & IT Employers. TITA structured as TITA – Employees Wing, TITA – Students Wing, TITA – NRI Wing, TITA – CEOs Wing.

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