THINQBOT adds smartness to home automation


19 January 2019, Bengaluru, THINQBOT:

Smart appliances have become possible with the emergence of IoT. Giving life to non-living things helps humans lead a better life, is the essence of technology. The fastest growing market for this technology is a bundle of opportunities for the young knights across the nation.

Due credence must be given to KEVIN ASHTON, a pioneer in this Internet of Things technology. He is the first person who designed this ecosystem and is considered as the Father of IoT.

The salient feature of IoT Ecosystem is it connects the environment with humans to better living standards. The whole equation simplified states, IoT = Physical objects + (Micro controllers + Sensors + Actuators) + Internet. This simply implies that any object that can be controlled by humans using sensors through our handheld devices like mobile by converting analogue signals into digital commands forms the crux of this technology.

Inspite of such advancements in IoT, smart lights, and smart appliances that comprise a smart home have become a reality. However the basic entity which should be automated for a proper experience the switchboard is yet to get its due.

THINQBOT understood this problem and devised an innovative solution on these lines. In a candid chat, YUVRAJ TOMAR, Founder, narrates, “We have created a modular hardware design that can retrofit inside any switchboard, old or new, big or small. The user can even mix and match a combination of heavy, regular or dimmable loads on one board till 20 appliances on one board.

One of our biggest advantages is that we don’t require any change in the existing electrical wiring of the house. Our solution works on 6LoWPAN, which sets up a wireless mesh covering the whole home or even a mansion. On the software side, we have created a new UI for interacting with the physical devices, in 3D. It feels intuitive, and can even be used by kids and elderly alike.”

Initially, “we realised that we talk about smart lights, and smart appliances when talking about the smart home, but we often forget the basic entity which should be automated for a proper experience – the switchboard. There is no solution that can retrofit inside your switchboard and cater to a dimmable load plus a heavy load, on one board, unless they have to rewire the switch panel or change the electrical layout.

The only way out is to install Crestron or Control4 which are mostly wired solutions (Cat6k) So the customer ends up paying a premium for installation and wiring just for a basic experience. This is also the biggest reason why the retrofit smart home market hasn’t taken off. Even after all the hassle, the customer gets a UI that looks straight out from the 90s.”

Started in 2013, “THINQBOT is an IoT company that manufactures, designs and supplies home entertainment, security, lighting and automation products under the brand name of “Newton – Smart Home Solutions”. We’re the only company which gives retrofit hardware with a 3D application UI packed with all the features and integrations required for a complete smart home.”

“We have been able to create a portfolio which can cater to all the features that you want in a smart home. We have the following products in our portfolio:

  1. Qube (The Brains) – Gateway for internet services, also becomes a personal Cloud. Comes in 2 versions: Basic and Platinum.
  2. Spark (The Automation Begins) – Retrofits behind switchboards, controls as many as 20 loads up to 4 kW each. Comes in different form factors depending on the type of load: Light, Heavy and Dimmable.
  3. Neon (Color Your World) – Color LED bulbs, strips and light panels. Set colored notifications and change the mood with 2M colors.
  4. Beam (Ditch the Remotes) – Control IR devices in a room from anywhere in the world.
  5. Flash (Keep an eye) – Wireless IP camera with AI to monitor noise and motion alerts. Comes in 3 types: Indoor, PTZ and Outdoor Camera.
  6. Move (Track movements) – Trigger motion lights or secure your house from unexpected visitors.
  7. Locket (Lock. Check. Control) – Mortise-type door lock that can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere.
  8. Valve (Prevent Leaks) – Ties to your gas or water pipe to stop them in case of leaks.
  9. Atom (Start Small) – Comes in two variants: Pluggable socket and relay box, which allows you to control 1 device for just INR 990.”

“Our current track to scale is through: 1. Dealers/Distributors 2. Online Store 3. E-Com partners we will be exercising another channel through licensing and white-labeling deals to sell internationally. Another possible route could be through a crowdfunding campaign, but the supply chain issues need to ironed out before that step.”

In conclusion, his message to StartUp aspirants was, “leaving a legacy is a fool’s errand. Play by the rules and win. Seek no destination or no glory. Think of it like an orchestra. Compose, structure, arrange. And gather the people who all share the common vision to wander and create a beautiful symphony.”

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