Delhi Couplepreneurs help parents reinvent their wards – KIDZOPEDIA


23 January 2019, New Delhi, KIDZOPEDIA:

Parents have an active role in the upbringing of every child. However the monotonous life of working couple does not give enough time for them to spend with their loved ones. Secondly, most of them are influenced by their surroundings and aspire, their children to be proficient in education to become professionally successful.

This aspiration becomes overboard at times, suffocating the child which reflects on the child’s overall performance. Clueless at this stage they attend PTMs and the blaming game starts teachers on parents and vice versa, which further ruins the child’s freedom. Under these trying circumstances perplexed, and know not what needs to be done…..

New Delhi based Couplepreneurs, PATILs have designed an innovative initiative, KIDZOPEDIA, an aggregator of after school activities.  The first of its type online platform which helps parent identify the best after school learning courses and academies to broaden the spirit of their child in his / her favorite skills.

In an exclusive chat, YASHODHRA PATIL CEO of KIDZOPEDIA EDTECH PVT LTD explains about the innovative initiative:

How did you identify the problem: When parents see their child is not scoring high in traditional subjects, we convince them to take a step towards knowing their child’s favorite activity and start working on it.

KIDZOPEDIA is one such online platform which helps them identify the best after school learning courses and academies to broaden the spirit of their child in his / her favorite skills. It saves them from the hassle right from finding the reliable academy, choosing the relevant course to booking it for the child.

How does KIDZOPEDIA help parents: From bridging the gap to transforming the fragmented talent building academies sector, KIDZOPEDIA has brought all after school learning activities under one roof” Before the inception of KIDZOPEDIA, there was no single platform available in India where all the academies could get themselves registered. Even if there is an academy which is located and being operated from a small room but has the enthusiasm to bring out the best in a child, KIDZOPEDIA offers it’s listing support to them at a very nominal charge.

How did you plan this venture: I and My Life Partner is the co founder of KIDZOPEDIA. The idea to start KIDZOPEDIA came mutually when we both were looking for a nearest skating academy for our daughter. It was quite difficult to find it on internet as there was no such platform before KIDZOPEDIA’s existence to give detailed information about the academies located in a particular region. I and my co-founder possess a lot of similarities when it comes to working towards something with passion. We both put our 100% energy, integrity and thirst of knowledge to make KIDZOPEDIA, a marker leader.

What is your USP: KIDZOPEDIA is one of a kind start-up in India to serve as a marketplace, one stop destination for parents to find talent building activities and academies. It is a responsible online listing platform for after school learning academies, activities and trainers in India. It serves the most reliable information on new opportunities like talent building workshops, programs, events and summer camps near specified areas.

What have you achieved till date: KIDZOPEDIA has also been recognized by the Government of India (Department of Industrial Policy) for providing comprehensive details of Extra-curricular activities and academies for children. It is one such centralized platform that helps parents in exploring talent building activities and academies all at just one click.

What are the facilities you offer: We have created web based portal. Where parents not only will get information but also can compare between the academies by putting filter on price and facilities.

What are your plans: As of now we are doing Delhi/NCR’s academies listing on our portal. We have listed almost 450 academies. In 2017 we have done summer camps in 4 play schools from different locations of Delhi. We also keep doing kids workshops and activities. We are working dedicatedly to become a dominant player in our market in the next 2 years. We are also planning to come up with our own activity centers in the next five years.

What is your advice for new entrants: If you dream of it, you can achieve it. Just go and nail it. No one is born a seasoned entrepreneur. Best advice for all entrepreneurs or start ups is having clear vision and objective. Stay focused. Ask for help. Don’t chase investors. Have a growth strategy.

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