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The Skill Factory

09 January 2019, Warangal, The Skill Factory:

The journey of a StartUp founder is truly a bed of roses with an equal share of thorns. However the thorns form the top layer while the rose petals are beneath. Right from ideation to the GoToMarket stage the StartUp cycle is filled with many hurdles, the team needs to cross, in order to scale up.

The tussle starts for the ideator while finding the co-founder for the future entity, getting the right compatible person on board is the primary concern. As the product development approaches the Proof of Concept stage, the entity with limited budgets in hand goes hunting for new team members.

However, not many are interested to work with StartUps fearing job security. On the other hand, few who show willingness, are either experienced demanding hefty pay packet or freshers who do not possess the necessary skillset.

In either case it is a testing time for the newly formed organisation. They need to compromise on money or time, which in the initial stage, is quite expensive.

To address this pain point a young engineer from Warangal has designed a novel initiative, THE SKILL FACTORY (TSF). TSF initially approaches StartUps, assesses the hiring profile and then trains the students on the required skills.

Such  candidates during their training period undergo, on job training (OJT) at the StartUps. After successful completion of OJT they are inducted into the company. This initiative not only saves the StartUps time but also protects them from burn budgets.

The USP of TSF is to balance the supply and demand in the HR domain yielding a win-win situation for the freshers and StartUps alike.

In a candid chat, Sravan Kumar Davuluri, Founder and CEO, briefed “TSF is a Tech partner working with multiple StartUps well aware of the real problems faced by StartUp founders in pursuit of their dreams. One of the common problems is the HIGH BURN RATE of TECH Team.

Here we are with a solution where TSF will provide you with Affordable & Skilled Resources who can help you build an MVP of your promising idea without the need for deep pockets.

For our partners, Team TSF can work along with you for 2 months FREE of Cost as part of our POC program helping you build your product.

Any Queries please reach out to us @8309723656, email

StartUps across the nation can utilize this opportunity to rise up the value chain with adequate trained personnel, at zero burn rate or time wastage. TSF is your trusted HR partner for agnostic Tech job profiles.

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