Checklist of wants from an Investor, Welcome to Demo Day 2018

Ravi SCDD 2018

28 November 2018, Hyderabad: SCDD 2018

The most prestigious StartUp event is getting decked up with more valuable gems to give an accelerating experience to the attendees who are expected to touch the magical 10,000 mark. Explaining why it would be an accelerating session for StartUps, RAVISHEKAR KALEPU, STARTUPS CLUB, associate in Hyderabad invited founders and other enthusiasts to the event to experience tips shared by experts which would help them scale up professionally.

As the seats are fast filling it would be a right decision to take an early call in securing your seats. Register and get ready to be at the most inspiring event:, scheduled on 15th & 16th of December ‘18, at KTPO, Bengaluru

On the side lines of this, RAVISHEKAR KALEPU also had a chat with Way2World about the various points he looks in a StartUp before funding. The Seed investor, StartUp mentor, Technoinvestor and CRM expert, explained that the following checklist are the qualities he looks into before deciding on funding a StartUp.

‘Typically I would look at this criteria based on my risk taking appetite…the order might change based on my priority goals.

  1. Commitment in the project
  2. Clarity of thought
  3. Knowledge & Understanding of the project and markets, today and future
  4. ROI based on risk appetite
  5. Exit Strategy Offered
  6. Leadership Capability & Vision in the #Entrepreneur
  7. Accountability in the Entrepreneur
  8. Ability to delegate rather than play lone wolf, so team building capability in the Entrepreneur…
  9. Great Ideas &Concepts
  10. Capacity and Ability to #Bootstrap
  11. Ability to think out of the box, monitor and tweak methods and processes to achieve long and short term goals
  12. Adapt to Change, an open mind
  13. Communication, Communication and Communication!

He concluded that many entrepreneurs miss the bus because of their unpreparedness towards their business idea.’

SCDD 2018 4b

How do you rate a StartUp: I only rate a Startup by the founder’s mentorability quotient, the rest only comes next. The second in line is the urge in the Founder to take his idea to the next level to scaleup.

What’s your advice to founders: Always be focused on your vision and build your team that always has a passion towards your vision, so that all members work as one single team instead of a distorted one. Funding never should be on their high priority, create credible customers, they can be your trusted investors.

Way2World hopes StartUp enthusiasts would attend the event, to enhance their knowledge in the domains of interest. Agnostic global leaders are expected to address the participants at the Demo Day 2018. With inputs from internet – RajKishan