Tap billion dollar IoT opportunities, turn into a pro

DIY IoT Users Club

27 November 2018, Hyderabad, IoTUsersClub:

Giving life to non-living things helps humans lead a better life. Hey this is not about a medical StartUp it’s totally a tech driven platform. Would you like physical objects around you to respond to you commands, amazing! Is it not! This was my initial expression when I attended the meetup for IoT users in the city.

Now tell me the difference between an Electronic techie and their elder sibling, IoT savvy? Well electronics person designs equipment to work, but an IoT person enhances these devices that dance to our tunes. Looks interesting! You agree. For example a washing machine is embedded goods but when it can be controlled by a remote device then it becomes IoT enabled.

The fastest growing market for this technology is a bundle of opportunities for the young knights across the nation. Due credence must be given to KEVIN ASHTON, a pioneer in this Internet of Things technology. He is the first person who designed this ecosystem and is considered as the Father of IoT.

To make this simple, SATISH and his associate RAJA SUMANT have opened an IoT Users Club to enable learners to design new ideas using this technology. This Club is a warehouse of raw material required for creating an IoT Ecosystem. This technology utilises three components to successfully design the ecology, to enable Connect, control and communication.

The salient feature of IoT Ecosystem is it connects the environment with humans to better living standards.

The whole equation simplified states, IoT = Physical objects + (Micro controllers + Sensors + Actuators) + Internet.

This simply implies that any object that can be controlled by humans using sensors through our handheld devices like mobile by converting analogue signals into digital commands forms the crux of this technology.

Humans are the supreme commanders on this earth because of their five senses, Touch, hear, taste, smell and see. IoT devices can almost perform four of these except the tasting part which you never know might be possible someday very soon.


But how is this possible? Any device that needs to be monitored must have a sensor that could be to gauge temperature, color, sound or geographical specifications like rain, soil or anything else. Of course there are dedicated sensors to due dedicated tasks. (Do you know our mobiles have almost 20 sensors embedded with them to enable us perform the desired actions.)


These sensors send signals that are captured by actuators which inturn are embedded in a controller that transmits or communicates over internet to the action taking devices like mobiles enabling the designer to monitor and handle this equipment, remotely.

‘Technically it is an ecosystem of interrelated computing devices, digital machines, equipment and (or) things to transfer data over the network without the need of human efforts and performs individually as per the requisites of the designer or developer.’

IoT Users Club is a live platform where one could learn, practice and create an IoT ecosystem to enrich their knowledge in the domain. Way2World hopes Hyderabadi students would utilize this facility and grab the opportunities that IoT Markets offer. With inputs and Images from internet – RajKishan