The three P secret revealed by SALMA MOOSA of STARTUPS CLUB Bengaluru, while at Hyderabad, is the most important lesson for startups that are looking for external investors.

The foremost P refers to the papers of the startup that include all necessary compliances. The Investment Bankers Book is necessary for a startup to show the confidence of the ideators on the idea discussed on the podium.

Second P refers to the people involved in generating the idea and their roles in the project must be well defined. The investors always look for teams that build an idea together and believe that their commitment goes a long way. No co-founders are perfect, however they must work towards the bigger goal and not try to dominate each other or get instigated at every instinct.

Finally, the third P stands for product market fit. An idea must be defined in a two liner to grab the eyeballs of the investor and must impress them to take things to the next level.The foremost intention of the ideator must be to fall in love with the pain that is solved by the idea and not the other way round. This volatility helps the startup to scale up into a successful enterprise.

The two-hour session by SALMA was heard by almost 50 odd startups with utmost interest. She also handled a few questions deftly at the end of the session. The aura around this stalwart is the expertise she possesses on the ecosystem evolution.

Being a successful mentor she has first hand solution for any issue faced by the startups and that is an added advantage. The event ended pleasantly and the participants were invited for the grand DEMO DAY 18, celebrations to be held on 15 & 16 of December 18, at Bengaluru. The massive event has been setup in a sprawling setup to accommodate the 10K attendees.

This is an invitation to all startups to head to the program for various positive reasons like availing funding, networking, understanding the latest technologies and of course to be encouraged to take up entrepreneurship as the best option. As the nation evolves, it is the job providers that are to dominate over the job seekers.

ABOUT STARTUPS CLUB: “Startups Club is an Open, Inclusive & Collaborative platform for early stage startups, taking them from idea to seed funding and beyond. We at Startups Club, incubate, accelerate and invest in our member startups.

Startups Club hosts the Widest Startups Challenge in India, SC Demo Day once a year in Bangalore, in which, we hack the process of startups looking to reach out to investors and we bring the best startups from across the country to be seed funded through the prize money and explore angel funding through the investors and our funding arm (SCIN).”

WAY2WORLD takes pride to be invited for the mega event by the FOUNDER. We look forward to meeting YOU (startups) at the event. Hence, block your calendar and be there to move ahead on your entrepreneurial journey. With Inputs from internet -RajKishan