E-Bike Challenge for aspiring by Imagine To Innovate


09 July 2019, Vishakhapatnam, Imagine To Innovate:

  • Up to 10.0 Lakh cash prize & 100+ Category Awards 
  • Registrations open up to- July 31st,2019

Are you a bike fanatic or a designer, plan a design, discuss with the experts, build the prototype and check its endurance. All this and more at the only place in the country, IMAGINE TO INNOVATE platform through its flagship annual events, ASIAN E-BIKE CHALLENGE, INDIAN PROKART CHALLENGE, and INDIAN E-KART CHALLENGE.

The Season three of the event unfolds at RAGHU ENGINEERING COLLEGE, VIZAG for the Final Round between 23rd to 27th September 2019. The registrations for participation closes on July 31st,2019. Registration fee is 19,999 INR.

So if you have the grit to excel register for the event on

For any queries : Contact: +91 8682032598, +91 7904607856

The event comprises of various interesting features that include Auto Expo, Bike Stunt Show, Vintage Rally, Enlightening Personality, Government official witness to the event. Cultural and Dj Night Funzzzz, Media Coverage and Interview Sessions during the event, Industrial Interactions, Accommodation Facilities with 24*7 Technical Assistance. Don’t miss it.

“The main aim of the event is to generate the interest of the student in the field of eco-bikes and to bring a new revolution in the field of biking, which can be commercialized as a usable product for the future generation.”

 “Imagine to Innovate are a team of aspiring engineers from different companies which have been instrumental in promoting Motorsports events and ushering a new era of engineers, where they will know, what practicality in the technical world stands for. The Imagine to Innovate will act as a launchpad to accord the seamless endurance of engineers and their prolific inputs.

We will craft a world, where knowledge and wisdom in the engineering domain will lead to imagination and innovation. Much to the emergence of engineers in India in the last decades, the indispensability of this troupe has somewhat been whacked.

Primarily, our competency will include giving birth to the atmosphere, where engineers do not feel their job as a livelihood, but a way to live life. A bridging gap is what, we will mend between the ideas and prospects of an engineer, who has no dearth of enthusiasm and zeal the Imagine to Innovate pledge to work for the engineers, and to give the much-needed impetus, which can make them operate without being asymptotic about the obstacles.

We deliver interactive training & workshops which equip its participants with better practical understanding and preparation for jobs in the industry. The hands-on sessions and lectures are designed based on current industry trends and draw on the rich experience of instructors and organizers.

We focus on Automobile Designing, Innovations, Solar Energy, Solar car, Electric Bikes, Vehicle Dynamics, Automobile Mechanics, Aerodynamic designs, Flow simulation, fluid simulation, Optimization of Designing, Project and many more.

We offer Workshops, Internships, Hands-On Experience Training Programs, Startup Talks, Motivational Talks, Seminars, Hackathons etc

We have organized Workshops around 50+ Engineering Colleges around  Andhra Pradesh at IIT Chennai, Tirupathi and many more …” informed PILLA SUBHASH, the founder.

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