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12 November 2018, Bengaluru: Salma Moosa:

Fear and achievement are two roads at a junction and the result depends on which road one would take at the stage. There is anxiety for failure and if bogged down, the goals look unattainable. However if one overcomes this and fights out with inner self then the target visibility is much better.

As I was scanning my social media, this one by SALMA MOOSA Founder of STARTUPS CLUB SERVICES Pvt Ltd and Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, was interesting. Every founder must read this because at every stage this dampener is out to ruin us and we need to equip selves with the right kind of attitude to  move ahead and achieve our goals. Wear the right hat to reach your dream.

Ahead of a mega StartUp event in Bengaluru, this ever enterprising entrepreneur revealed how fear tried to empower and in return how she ruled her inner self to move ahead to achieve her goals.

In a candid chat with Way2World she invited all ecosystem stakeholders to join for the two-day event scheduled on 15th & 16th of December ‘18, at KTPO, Bengaluru. The crowd expected is a mix of agnostic experts and StartUp enthusiasts from all over.

STARTUPS CLUB partners with Startup India, the Government of India’s (Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry) to conduct this largest event in the ecosystem. This program would be accommodating 6,000 entrepreneurs, 2,000 corporates & 150+ business leaders.’

Register now to be there, if you haven’t: https://startupsclub.com/demoday.

Talking about her fierce encounters with ‘Fear’, she said, ‘We all need a moment of this to overcome our fears.’ Narrating her story as an young girl, she said, ‘I was 17, when my father put me in front of 10 very experienced, senior IITM Professors to talk about Internal Combustion Engines knowing the fact that I was 10th graduated and knew nothing about it except for the fact that I had grown up seeing him work on them.’

She added, ‘it is no more scary because what I am doing today is scarier and is making my heartbeats go much more faster and making my palms drenched with sweat each time I think about what would happen if I am not able to achieve my set goals.’

While imagining the worst, she went on, ‘It is important to know the worse, it is important to take a minute and think clearly about the outcome if the worse was to happen. What if all these breathless moments, makes me get a heart attack, will that help my cause, my team and our goals.’

To kick the fear out from you celebrate the smallest achievement that allows your inner self rejuvenate with tumultuous energy to move forward. She chirped in ‘don’t stop celebrating your small achievements to reach where you have to. I had stopped doing that of late. I would achieve a small step towards this grand goal and I would look at the next thing to be sorted out. It would only help me if I take that couple of hours out of my day to forget everything that is around and celebrate what I have just been able to achieve, however small a thing that is. I will start doing that now.’

Talk with your people often to get positive vibes and true analysis of the work in progress.

For the full article, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-i-face-my-fears-before-end-up-doing-something-one-salma-moosa/?published=t

She concluded, ‘So, step up, take a deep breath and remember, “You were made for this”. My monster – My Goal: December 15th & 16th, hosting 10K souls at KTPO in Bangalore….

Way2World admires Salma Moosa an indomitable force of positive energy for all her associates. She inspires with her infectious expertise and transpires with her amazing mentorship amidst her hectic ups and downs…..she is the real hero. With inputs from internet – RajKishan