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06052020 Virtual India, Defined Values Consultants:


  1. What is the difference between leader and Self Actualized Change Leaders
  2. What are the 7 Levels of Seekers and assess your seeking level
  3. How can one evolve from lower level of seeking to higher level of seeking
  4. How to bridge the gap between perception and reality
  5. How to enhance your performance

Abundant ‘Me Time’ is a blessing in disguise to mankind who have relaxed from their hectic meaningless run to introspect their follies. The wake-up call by ‘Mother Nature’ in the form of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has made all minds ponder over questions that remain unanswered due to lack of wisdom.

SALDP 02The future looks gloomy and the survival will definitely depend up wisdom economy. Smarter and wiser processes will remain in the race. How do we elevate ourselves as per situational demands and become a better personality that has a winning strategy in the Post-Covid era.

To know more about the transformation that one needs to adopt in this changing environment. One best option is to attend SALDP programs. This is a must for aspiring entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs. ENROL TO ELEVATE.

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SALDP- Self Actualized Leadership Development Program

Dates: Monday 11th May to Friday 15th May, 2020

Time: 5 pm to 7:30 pm IST (GMT +5:30)

Venue: Zoom Online Meeting

Charges: Voluntary Guru Dakshina (Voluntary Mentoring Fee)

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Objectives of Training:


  1. Understand the difference between leader and Self Actualized Change Leaders
  2. Understand the 7 Levels of Seekers and assess your seeking level
  3. Understand the roadmap of evolving from lower level of seeking to higher level of seeking.
  4. Understand the platform through which you can bridge the gap between perception and reality.
  5. Understand the system to enhance your performance by appointing Self Realized for your growth.

SALDP 04Overall, learn to work like an Avatar for your Constituency.

Disclaimer: This training has no parallel on this planet today and yet all charges are voluntary during lockdown period. This training is equally valuable for the likes of Super CEOs and Seasoned leaders, as it is for budding leaders. Come, experience and see for yourself, right from the comforts of your home. Repeat participants would also gain a lot of new insights.

Defined Values Consultants Pvt Ltd, Founded by Hitesh Chandel, is integrating the individuals and institutions into a Global Collaboration Framework through which all major problems of the Ecosystem will be fixed right at the root, thereby creating a win-win situation for all citizens of this planet.

SALDP 05We have code-named the entire scope of our work as PROJECT YUGPARIVARTAN (Project Grand Change). We conduct regular public events to interface with the Target Audience to explain them the vision, mission, framework, benefits, expectations etc, so that a person can take informed decision for his/her professional and personal development.

The details regarding upcoming events are published on our website and other event listing websites from time to time. We are promoting following four professional services as part of Project YugParivartan. They are Self-Actualized Leadership Network (SALN), Defined Values Trainers Network (DVTN), Defined Values Business Network (DVBN) and Self-Realized Mentorship Network (SRMN)”

Hitesh Chandel summarizes “20 lessons learnt in past few days (LockDown):

  1. Majority of people can work from home.
  2. We and the kids can survive without junk food.
  3. Prisoners in jails for petty crimes can be released.
  4. We can build hospitals within days.
  5. We can spend Billions of Rupees on poor without red-tapism.
  6. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA.
  7. Developed nations are as vulnerable as any poor nation, in fact more vulnerable.
  8. Our family system is still intact..
  9. We spend hell lot of Petrol unnecessarily burdening our economy.
  10. Rich people are in fact less immune than the poor.
  11. Elites are not powerful. They are shallow.
  12. Husband can live with his wife without weekly parlour visits and vice versa.
  13. Elders are the backbone of a family.
  14. Saving money is important.
  15. Mutual Funds are actually subjected to market risks.
  16. Living a hygienic life is not difficult.
  17. Only women are not supposed to know how to cook.
  18. There are a lot of good people in the World.
  19. Don’t disrespect nature. We encroached too far.
  20. Charity is not something you give it is a satisfaction you receive.”

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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