GIG Economy forces entrepreneurship on talent India

05042020 Virtual India GIG Economy:

  • 9-5 jobs replaced by 247 contracts
  • Paid as per work
  • No permanent baggage
  • Win-Win for all
  • Brutal onslaught for talent-less

01 GIG EconomyThe perception of job market in the nation is bound for a rapid transformation in the coming days. From the traditional job offer letters, Job Contracts are to take shape. Corporate want to downsize the extra baggage and thrive for better quality prospects.

Now all talented people are forced to turn into entrepreneurs for their survival. Because no more Jobs will prevail and only job contracts are at source, Scenario, where companies have no extra baggage and hire as per demands free lancers, will give rise to GIG Economy.

Corporate will not have to bear with the unwilling workers and have a database of talented people, hire them for a specific work function for a specific time frame. By doing so more people and right talents would be utilised.

On the other hand, employees can work 247 as per their convenience on multiple assignments. The whole situation would lead to precision fulfilment in targeted timeframe increasing the overall efficiency.

This is huge opportunity for the entire educated pool of graduates, everyone turns into an entrepreneur and starts bidding for the projects and gets the right task as per their expertise. Each profile would have multiple entries of intellect assignments accomplished.

GIG Economy reduces the number of people employed in a 9×9 SFT cubicle and brings the job prospects to the open source where anyone can operate from anywhere. WFH is here to stay and will now have an abridged cousin GIG process taking the driving seat.

Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has brought about a great transformation into every aspect of life. Though the air is pure yet we need to wear our masks, even if the metro is not crowded, we need to take the next train as 50% is full. Friends are close to heart but you need to keep social distancing. From an affectionate hug you need to greet old and young with a ‘NAMASTE.’ Whether you like it or not globally you need to adhere to universal norms.

Global Warming seems to have improved, but the economic warnings are going above the roof. This nation of billions is living in fear of what next. The rich will survive because of their backup while the poor will thrive on Government’s initiatives.   The ultimate affected would be the middle class citizens who survive on jobs.

After WFM has been initiated since lockdown, corporate have saved huge expenses on conveyance and employees have saved on time wasted on commutation. This has resulted in a win-win situation to both the stakeholders.

However employee efficiency is not ascertained, because those who are sincere seem to struggle harder than their careless colleagues. The whole process is getting disoriented with the spoilt few who are sure to force GIG economy on the Indian horizon, predominantly.

Though GIG Economy is sure to bring in more profits to the talented youth, yet the security domain and survival of the fittest shall be the order of the day. Immediately it would be a problem for a few but ultimately, over a period of time, we will have bright talents springing up all through the country.

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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