No Teacher or Mentor can change me!

Mentor Vs Teacher

17 September 2019 India,

Teacher Vs Mentor is a story board created to understand the handholding of these two eminent personalities in our life. Every dedicated teacher sacrifices life for the betterment of their pupils. From Gurukul stage till corporate education scenario, the process has not much changed for dedicated members.

The distinct difference between teacher and mentor was just a wafer thin division. While both the roles shifted sides depending on situational crisis of the students. However the eligibility criteria for a teacher is strictly stipulated, but for a mentor, experience makes them experts while increasing the success ratio for their mentees.

This was one story that took almost one week to compile as we wanted to bring in views of the renowned stakeholders of the ecosystem. They are teachers at times and adorn the mentor sceptres at times and vice versa.

Teachers leave an indelible mark on students for a life time while mentors leave their niche on the professional growth of a mentee that gives immediate growth hacks. With teachers it is one way communication most of the times as they are authorities in their subject.

On the other hand, a mentor always welcomes healthy arguments on the strategies developed or suggested to get optimum results. While the former modulates students minds towards knowledge, the later controls the mind-sets of the mentee to look from a third angle perspective for enhancing the situation.

On the whole, both of them are lighthouses of power navigating through troubled waters towards success. Way2World bows to the entire clan for their relentless efforts and sincere encouragement for development of the seeker.

Indias Profit EngineerYATHIRAJ AGARWAL

India’s First Sales & Profit Engineer



Researcher, author, visionary thought leader, leadership and spiritual coach, social entrepreneur and an ex-IT professional.

Business Value Development Consultant RAJENDRA DESHPANDE

Business Value Development Consultant USA, Key note speaker, chief Guest Speaker. Sales & Marketing – Digital marketing.


Chartered Accountant – Expert in  Indian tax and regulatory aspects on inbound and outbound investments made by Indian and Foreign companies


CEO at Vaidik Solutions, Business Coach & Consultant, The Mentor of 1st Incubator of MP, Coached 300+ Entrepreneurs


StartupSME Expert – Husys Consulting Limited

10K StartUps


Open Innovation, Incubation, startup Acceleration, Startup Evangelism, Mentoring – AP and TS, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups


Startup Mentor & Fund Raiser Founder – Solworxs

Way2World FounderRajKishan Ganta


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