PRANAM KISAN’s Agri-Fin Tech initiative to revolutionise nations’s agrarian process


01 December 2018, Gurgaon: PRANAM KISAN

Evolution in the agricultural sector is the need of the hour for a country that totally depends on Rice and Wheat as the main staple food. With 1.3 Bn consumers, there is a sea of opportunities for the aspiring ideators. However very few educated professionals are treading into this traditional occupation, but run behind wilder dreams.

The trend seems to be changing with a few seeking recognition through their innovative skills to change the present agrarian scenarios. Harnessing latest technologies like machine learning, AI, BlockChain and robotics to make the agribusiness more sustainable.

We have closed temperature farming, electrical tractors, drones and many more innovative aspects that are trying to lure in more Agripreneurs,


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One such initiative is trying to organize the most unorganized sector through novel Agri-Fin Tech process, which is the brainchild of the founders of PRANAM KISAN. The four member core team of this noble intensive approach company consisting of Co-founders, PARIKSHIT SAI, SURESH K GEHLOT, CHANDRAKANTA SAHU and CTO, PIYUSH AGARWAL are trying to help the farmers with a novel schema.

PRANAM KISAN is a platform that assists the farming community with access to quality services on affordable terms. This also helps the urban brethren connect directly with their rural farming clan to get the best products at best rates, a win-win situation to the entire ecosystem.


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Their farmer friendly products of PRANAM KISAN include, KISAN DRIVE, ‘Connecting farmers to world of immense opportunity, assistance and sustainable growth with hand-holding at every step forward.’

The other is KISAN TREAT, ‘A convenient neighborhood farm product retail format which brings you the basic, sessional and exotic farm products naturally grown from the farm at affordable prices.’

The AGRIMICROFINCARD is, ‘Empowering Farmers to effectively manage all their financial needs, while helping them with bank loans, availing subsidies and promotional benefits.’


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AGRIPRENEURSHIP MGMT PROGRAM is‘Transforming traditional farming into an inclusive agri growth powerhouse with help of hi-tech training skill development and employment generation.’

E MANDI is ‘A new horizon for every agri stakeholder to optimize resources. Ready-made Market place for Farmers to sell their produce and Customers having direct access to farm produce while Traders can effectively manage supply chain.’’


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When intentions and innovations are towards helping the society thrive, then awards and rewards are unlimited. PARIKSHIT SAI, who had been regularly interacting with Way2World, proudly announced that PRANAM KISAN won IIM LUCKNOW’s VARCHASVA 2018, ‘FIRST FINTECH PRIZE’ with a cheque for Rs FIVE lakhs.

In short till date the traction achieved by PRANAM KISAN, is setting up of 10 kiosks, with 10k farmers connected, in 10 districts, generating 200 jobs serving 1500 customers. A remarkable one considering the diminishing interests in the sector. With such modern trends getting into the agricultural process, more youngsters would be lured to take this as an occupation with dignity.

Way2World appreciates the innovative approach of the PRANAM KISAN team and hope they would be able to get the best benefits to the farmers and reduce the time taken from Soil to Self to the consumers. With inputs from internet – RajKishan

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