Desi Robo Bringing Hope To Rural Frustrated Farmer

Devesh Jha creation

Facts stranger than fiction

India farming since 2500 years

India ranks second worldwide in farm output

Seventh largest agricultural exporter worldwide 

Arable land area of 159.7 million hectares (394.6 million acres)

30% of farmer’s produce going to waste

Over 12,000 farmer suicides per year


The reasons for farmer’s suicide are numerous and if we go on discussing, these columns are not sufficient. However, let us realise one basic fact, India is a large market for food grains and the prices we pay are comparatively high….u agree….

Nevertheless, the farmer is not a beneficiary of this ‘good price’ index. As per the stats, only 10-23 percent of what we pay in the retail markets goes to the farmers, which is alarming!!! Moreover, a startling issue is, almost 30% of food produced is going down the drain. When is this equation going to be balanced and how? A million dollar question…

The think tank is pondering over the issue and trying to do their best to get the farmer out of this system-driven crisis. Yet the revival is nowhere near, feel analysts. Today farming tribe is dwindling due to these hardships faced.

On a brighter note, many educated are trying their hands at farming using organic means. This simple means that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel….do you agree….

Now the saviour has arrived in the form of INDRO ROBOT designed by DAYBEST RESEARCH PVT. LTD. This robot will assist farmer in advising newer strategies, giving soil reports, testing water resources and advising the ideal produce…..and more. All this is possible by harnessing high tech and deep analysis of data available on reliable domains. The INDRO ROBOT thus developed, connected to a satellite will assess the global positioning of the farm using deep tech.

My interaction with DEVESH JHA, the founder and the main brain behind this venture, was amazing. This young man was not only too passionate on his idea but also had a bright vision. One valid point that inspired me right away was when he proclaimed, ‘what is the use of technology when it does not lift the masses out of suffering!’

That very instance I had a gut feeling that a ‘people’s leader’ is on the horizon. According to me, “a leader not only mitigates the problems of the large base but also ensures a dignified living.” And this is what transpired in my mind during my initial encounters with this prowess.

How it all started, DEVESH JHA, just like all of us, hails from a middle class family but his vision sets him apart. A well settled business man was one day affected by the surge in the deaths of farmers.

However, the prices of commodities have been on the rise ever. Then he started probing the disparities in the system. It took him almost three years to assess the problem and find a solution.

The visionary reveals, ‘Right Product or Service on Right Time at Right Place with Right People, Lack of Transparency among manufacturer, producer, farmer, customer & retailer. No Valid Data or sources for exact demand and supply,” were the major problems identified.

DEVESH JHA further claimed, ‘BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION WHICH IS GREATER THAN PROBLEM…! HOW ABOUT REMOVING ALL OBSTACLES FROM CHAIN Of  Moving Goods From Farm to Factory, The From-Factory to Outlet, By Using Technology and Talent Force we can create the demand to be supplied with right amount and quality.’

The founders adds, ‘DAYBEST PRO is an effective initiative in Indian Agriculture, Manufacturing & Retail Industry where we are making a common platform for Brand (Manufacturer or Producer), Farmer, Retailers, Logistic Partners and a mega workforce of talented youth who enable technology with implementation of day to day operations. To fill the gap between knowing of customers, wastage control, storage and distribution chain with exact knowledge of demand and producing the same supply, we are coming with a tremendous solution with opportunity to grow our prosperity like never before.  With our solutions we can reduce wastage, wipeout unnecessary middleman, black market, fake product, which will benefit this nation to lower the overpricing, gain the quality production, lower mismatch of demand and supply, ensure the safety and quality standard and earn a handsome of amount of profit.’

DAYBEST PRO creates a win-win situation to farmers, retailers, small transport owners and food products manufacturers by interlinking the whole ecosystem.

DayBest robot

What is the USP of the organization, he narrated, ‘First Time in India, we are creating a Talent Task Force, DAYBEST PRO to build an organization with longest sustainability and growth while working on flexible and easy terms and earning as much network is growing and doing transactions. At DAYBEST PRO, Members are very unique to build the network and implement each task on ground level in easy and reliable manner and win confidence of customer and brand, our partners are growing much better than they have think, as our working module is totally based on technology and support from nearest network.’

Numerous opportunities are available for educated youth within their villages handling high tech advancement like the Robot, while supporting the local society that yields good income and respect in the surrounding area. This is not just an opportunity but also a vision to help our nation lead better, globally with sustained efforts of millions across the country.

COME JOIN THIS REVOLUTION welcomes DEVESH JHA. A simple model initially will be supported by artificial intelligence and robotics that amuse the rural public while becoming a part of their lives ushering prosperity to all.

Join the revolution

DEVESH JHA concluded that the process has finished beta testing and is implemented across Bihar and UP initially, shall be replicated aligning like-minded individuals across the country.

He gave due credence to Chief Technology Officer of the organization, who designed the INDRO ROBOT, SABTOSH HULAWALE. He also complimented the efforts of ABHISHEK KUMAR, the business head of Bihar who spared no efforts in realizing the vision of the company. In addition, DEVESH JHA thanked SHASHANK DEV GIRI, Founder of ANNADATA MART and associate partner of ANNADATA KENDRA designed by DAYBEST.

WAY2WORLD wishes success to the entire team and would be happy to connect interested people seeking opportunities with the core team to take things forward. Please post your views here to get feedback from the organizing committee of DAYBEST PRO. With inputs from internet – RajKishan

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