There is scope for an innovative brain to bring a rapid change in the way we perform traditional farming, announces GOPI RAJA the founder of FOPPLE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. a startup headquartered in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

The son of a farmer saw how his father’s health deteriorates after spraying fertilizers in their farms. He wanted to bestow an innovation upon him that would perform his duty without any side effects.

This motive in GOPI RAJA enabled him to design his project aligning with likeminded friends at the K L UNIVERSITY campus in Vijayawada.

This noble intention gave birth to the nation’s first agriculture drone, a need of every farmer across the country. Though many are manufacturing drones, the utilities are different and farming was never an option.

FOPPLE DRONES spray fertilizers in a perfect manner as designed by the innovator. They can cover up to fifty acres of land in a single day. With less number of farming labor availability in the rural areas, such innovative accessories play a vital role in sustenance of this dwindling tribe of farmers.

Apart from health hazards, the drones also assist in spraying very tall trees due to their ability to fly high. In addition, they also save time and spray uniformly unlike humans. The business model of this startup is unique.

They not only sell their products to farmers but also encourage educated youth to take this as an opportunity to start entrepreneurship by renting drones to small-time farmers. However, their best strategy is to provide consultation for the drones at all times.

FOPPLE DRONES come in three variants 3 ltrs, 10 ltrs and 20 ltrs capacity depending on the utility required. The sales process, well designed, unfolds with a demo and later the team train the customer on drone piloting and explains about observing the motion of drone from drone control station. The equipment comes with one-year warranty.

Drone Raja (GOPI RAJA) in an exclusive chat with WAY2WORLD, informed that his success was due to encouragement of a few stalwarts who had inspired him to move forward. The traction of the company started with a one lakh funding by KL University (KLU).

The Vice President Shri K RAJA HARIN of KLU was the first mentor to the organization who encouraged the startup round the clock to boost their confidence levels. This helped them to scale up to prototype level.

Another important personality who guided them in development was their HOD at the KLU, Shri RAJASHEKAR who relentlessly counseled them on various issues, to successfully develop a marketable prototype.

However, Shri TARUN KAKANI’s seed investment of two lakhs played a vital role in go-to-the-market process for them. In addition, he also mentored them on marketing nuances.

Drone Raja acclaimed that their introduction to Smt SALMA MOOSA, Founder & Managing Director at Startups Club Services Pvt. Ltd. gave them a national exposure. The stalwart helped with awesome insights to turn FOPPLE into a brand.

Drone Raja concluded that the brand positioning in the premier segment, was accomplished after they sold a drone to the Vice President of the nation, Hon’ble Shri VENKAIAH NAIDU, who took keen interest on the product and ordered it after watching a demo.

Drone Raja spilled a secret about the name of the company and about the main motive behind it. FOPPLE meant fourth apple that should revolutionize the agriculture sector in INDIA.

The first apple was the Adam and Eve’s one, second is the Newton’s and the third belonged to Steve Job. And this fourth one FOPPLE is from our country exclusively for the farming community.

WAY2WORLD wishes FOPPLE team a grand success. We are confident that this will be one of the most watched startups in 2019. With inputs from internet – RAJKISHAN