AirDrive to outsmart the best Storage Solutions


30 November 2018, Hyderabad: AirDrive

Human lives have become more DATA centric, everything around us is DATA driven. In reality what is DATA, it is anything that is collected from various sources, analysed and interpreted to derive at various solutions and strategies. With so much revolving around this four letter word, it has its own sensitivity quotient.

Millions of rupees are spent by corporate around the world to safeguard DATA. Initially we had servers, floppies, CDs, DVDs and then external hard disks, pen drives for mobility. Later to access the DATA from various devices Cloud Storage emerged.

The world is finding better ways to consolidate available and collected DATA to make market perfect strategies. However the whole process is expensive as technology evolves.

At this juncture if I suggest that do away with all these options, throw away your WiFi routers and just use one hardware to store, play and access your data across all devices and with the ease of remote access, Imagine! Are you jumping out of your seats or sitting at the edge to guess what it would be…….

Let’s unleash the smartest and most effective storage solutions that lets you handle and control your DATA on the smart devices from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

AirDrive Smart Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Hyderabad based hardware designing company has come up with a solution which was till date considered as a nightmare to the DATA Scientists, across the globe.

W2W & AD

In a brief chat with Way2World, Co-Founders BHAVAN and KASHYAP revealed, ‘AirDrive is disrupting the current storage devices.

AirDrive is a centralized device with multi user access and multi-channel connectivity for DATA storage and smart devices accessibility with an impenetrable security.

They added, ‘Our Mission is to give people a powerful device that can help them to access, share, & control their DATA & smart devices from anywhere in a secured & reliable way on any device.’

AirDrive is designed using Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Assistance to yield a better experience to clients, at the most economical costs.  In addition they can avail Auto backup of files from all the users operating devices.

They could even access AirDrive without internet within a short range. These are the regular features of AirDrives that are to flood the markets in a short while.

However they added, ‘many more irresistible user friendly features are to be added to these personalized storage solutions for the premium ranges.’ Keep watching this space for more updates on AirDrives that are to be launched in a series.

Way2World appreciates these young innovators and assures that they would be an inspiration to their just qualifying brethren. With inputs from internet – RajKishan