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25 November 2018, India: VENTURE WOLF:

A million dollar question runs on the minds of every StartUp Founder before any pitching session, how should I convince the investor! However the question must be how am I going to showcase my project to the people around.

This is the homework that needs to be done from the time a venture looks for external funding. Is there a thumb rule to follow?

Not really, but DEVANG RAJA from VENTURE WOLF breaks the jinx and delves on the requisites that need to be adhered by any entity to attract investors.

Well in reality this needs to be noted because this Investor bank from Mumbai in just about 150 days of inception had successfully got funded about half dozen StartUps and has about two dozen of them in the piping.

In addition to this they have spread across the nation aligning like-minded stalwarts at strategic locations to cater to the ecosystem from all corners of the country. No matter where you are located you have a strategic connector within your reach.

VENTURE WOLF has many investors from across the globe bestowing their faith in the bank to source right kind of agnostic StartUps that are innovative, unique and validated.

In a candid chat to Way2World, the founder updated that every investor looks to invest their hard earned money into ventures that are disruptive and would provide employment to many.

The idea must be validated by a cross section of consumers at the proof of concept stage and the resultant prototype must be market-welcomed. With the product in hand, an awesome pitch deck that is crisp and self-explanatory must be prepared.

Though the pitch deck ranges from 12-15 slides presentation, the founders must rehearse the matter for 30 seconds address. Mind you just thirty seconds is all you have, to impress or get rejected. Hence make use of this elevator pitch mode to grab your investors interest and to get a green signal to move forward.

No pain no gain, you could have the best product but if unable to convey the message then the whole hard work goes invain. Hence be ready to deliver in a pleasant tone, a peppy talk, in good attire, giving estimates of your competitors and the differentiators along with precise market forecast. With all the ingredients in the right mix the brew is palatable.

To tap your best potential walk into your nearest VENTURE WOLF office, get mentored to reach desired heights in your StartUp journey.

Taking care of investment hassles at multiple rounds and hand holding your venture to IPO is the core competence of this innovative financial consultancy.

Way2World wishes all StartUp Founders, the very best in their pursuit for suitable investors who would not only invest but also help them, scale up. With inputs from internet – RajKishan

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