Auza Tech IoT R&D core competence, sitting on treasure trove of knowledge

IoT R&D Lab

13 October 2018, Hyderabad: AUZA TECHNOLOGIES:

The desire to create knowledge base is enormous among the domain dominant society. However imparting the knowledge earned to the rest of the world is a much noble task. And to impact the society while addressing the pain points with domain expertise is all together a different ball game that needs a round peg in a square hole.

With Iot, AI, robotics and deep tech taking the front seats in this technology driven environment, impossible thought till date turns into I’m Possible. This is made easy by stalwarts in the domain specific industry.

To make things easier for the IoT aspiring intuitive minds AUZA TECHNOLOGIES has set up an R&D facility where they are relentlessly working towards products that are economical and perform without much need of human intervention.

This Hyderabad based StartUp is the brainchild of Varma, who has rich expertise spanning across one and half decades in the technology. The simpleton with vast knowledge, informed, “Internet of Things (IoT) has lured many young and creative minds to take a leap into the StartUp world.” Mentored by his co-founder RAVI KALEPU, AUZA TECHNOLOGIES, is moving ahead at a satisfying pace felt the founder.

Right now we have four products which are ready with deliverable and have been market validated. They are DOBBY, a robotic solar panel cleaner, SMART LC GATE SENSOR, specially designed for Railways, WIFI, 4G based level crossing gate position detecting setup using advanced sensors in specially designed IoT ecosystem. The third one is AUZA SWITCHES for home automation and AUZA POD for solar energy monitoring.

Varma clarified the present domain scenario, “Large numbers of product ideas have been formed around IoT. No wonder that market studies put the revenue on IoT devices at more than $15 Trillion.  This has actually generated a lot of interest among the student community to create products.

Most of these StartUps face the biggest challenge on realizing the product as a whole. Lack of experience coupled with the not-industry-connected academic curriculum has added to list of drawbacks for the present engineering graduates.

Electronics hardware is the core of many IoT products. Software is next dependency as all devices with microcontroller need to be programmed in one or the other language. Mechanical engineering helps in designing product casings

While most engineers can understand electronics schematics and write software programs, many lack the experience of identifying the correct platform for their idea. The first problem is choosing the correct target micro-controller or microprocessor.

Second is the selection of software platform viz Arduino, RTOS, Linux or just C-based IDEs. Experimenting with multiple hardware options is costly and time consuming. Most people cannot go beyond a problem they encounter during development.

Both the cost and lack of experience can be addressed with training. Proper training on product development can help the person choose the right platform for their product. While the present training institutes concentrate software programming on IoT, there is great void for people on dealing with hardware.”

With these objectives in mind, AUZA TECHNOLOGIES has developed the R&D facility. They are ready to train and provide them resources to develop indigenous prototypes while helping them scale up after market validation.

Way2World appreciates the efforts taken up by AUZA TECHNOLOGIES and ushers that the company would be a reckonable brand in the domain. With inputs from the internet – RajKishan