India Fund Fest 5.0 answers funding issues of founders – Are you ready!

26042020 Hyderabad, IndiaFundfest:

  • Looking for funds
  • How to pitch to investors
  • Where to find right investors
  • Post covid-19 will I get funded
  • How do I convince in an elevator pitch

IndiaFundFest5.0The questions are infinite for StartUps looking for funds to scale up. For serious founders who are ready to scale up massively with external funds, this is the right opportunity offered by India Fund Fest. This Hyderabad based premier platform for funding, is opening up its registrations for the Investors event.

Indian Fund Fest 5.0  is sure to bring many more smiles on the faces of aspiring founders like its four predecessors. Register early to reserve your berth at the event and might be a lucky one to bag a big cheque from the investors kitty.

‘After the resounding success of the four editions of the India Fund Fest, we are back to offer you an opportunity to get funded efficiently and quickly after getting coached & mentored by leading business experts for 2 months.

For the first time ever, India Fund Fest has launched the IFF Bootcamp to get the companies Investor Ready & Accelerate their path to Funding. This will be conducted by leading business experts complimented by Investor session at the end of session.

This is to ensure the entrepreneurs get coached to engage effectively with investors using their language & close investment with right approach & documentation.’

The official communication says, “An Accelerated Path to Investor Funds, we are back to offer you an opportunity to get funded efficiently and quickly.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking investors funds which is complemented by coaching, mentoring, networking with experts & investors, this platform is just the one you have been looking for.

Visit our website – https://indiafundfest.com 

Register now At: https://indiafundfest.com/online/register

‘The applicants applying for India fund Fest are eligible to get selected for IFF Bootcamp & in turn pitch to the Jury in Pre-Finale of IFF in June’20. If selected, the finalists get chances to pitch to investors on 10th July & get an opportunity get on the spot deals.

If you are an Entrepreneur who has been looking for a platform where you can get coached & mentored by experts & then directly meet and interact with investors and get funded in a timely and effective manner, this is the platform you have been looking for.’

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