PUSAKRISHI seeks Innovative Agri StartUps to incubate

25042020 New Delhi, PUSA KRISHI:

  • Are you an Agri StartUp
  • Want to get incubated
  • Want improvise agri tech domain
  • Addressing the pain points of the agri sector
  • Idea to market for your Agri Tech solution

PusaKrishi 01Agriculture is one of the main sectors in the country that needs new approach in increasing the sustainability of the farmer. Apart from education and manufacturing, India needs more innovations in the Agri domain as our culture thrived on agrarian economy, since ages.

In a bid to give necessary impetus to this domain and to enhance the livelihood of every individual; farmer the government has been designing various farmer friendly initiatives. PUSA KRISHI is an initiative to enhance emerging technologies to provide sustainable norms to this sector.

“PUSA KRISHI INCUBATOR at Indian Agriculture Research Institute is on a hunt for innovative and disruptive startups in agri sector which are at commercialization stage with a good initial market traction and have the power to change the way agriculture is done.

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‘PUSA KRISHI INCUBATOR is innovation hub and agri-business incubation centre of ICAR-IARI. The incubator offers unparalleled technical and business mentorship, network of industry experts as well as access to government grants and funding platforms. It supports to agri-startups in scaling up their business and commercialise their product.’

Situated in the national capital, ZTM & BPD Unit provides state of art facilities to help young minds innovate, test and validate their ideas. The unit has well planned office space for entrepreneurs with high end amenities and utilities including high speed internet, reception facility and power back-up.

The facilities include a Biotechnology lab having high end apparatuses like PCR, Gel electrophoresis, facility for DNA isolation, ice-flaking machine, centrifuges and different supporting equipment.

Another important feature is the Tissue culture lab comprising of growth chamber, media preparation room, green house for hardening etc.

On the other hand the Food Technology Lab is suitable for production of different kinds of extruded products and packaging.’

PUSA KRISHI INCUBATOR also possesses all other major requirements ideal for an incubator like video conferencing facilities, work stations, Internet and renowned mentors. The entire facility is exclusively for AGRI-StartUps and register before 10 may 2020.

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