Hola Enterprise, marvellous tool for expressive content creation


10 August 2019, Hyderabad, ABDA DIGITAL:

  • Create Interactive Rich Content for Engaging experiences
  • 10 times lighter than video
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Measurable user engagement
  • Immersive engagement
  • Deep Analytical insights

Creating animated content to attract users is a cumbersome solution that needs hours of hard work utilising various tools by the designing department. And suppose the final design is not up to the mark of the strategists then we are back at square number one.

Designing consumes not only huge man hours but also builds pressure on the organisation to send out user interesting communication when time is stringent. Going through this wheel of stress and strain has become a nightmare for strategists, in fact for the entire team!

However the situation has dramatically changed with the birth of ABDA DIGITAL, which is incubated at NASSCOM’s 10,000 StartUps, Hyderabad.  Hola Enterprise is a marvellous initiative of ABDA DIGITAL innovated by Sravan Narasipuram and KRK Rao that has dramatically changed the scenario giving enormous relief to the designing department.

Hola Enterprise has also made it easy and entertaining for designers who with a little creativity could work out wonders in a very short time. One can ‘Create animated communication in minutes, using any of our 150+ pre-configured templates. Upload images, gifs or videos. Configure your CTAs with Zero programming.’ In addition, ‘Hola cards are responsive and can play on any smart phone.’

The strategy department could now ‘Reach audience over various channels like email, SMS, whatsapp and other social media platforms,’ with Hola Enterprise. Even engage users with a call-to-action button, which lets them, interact at the click on the Hola cards.

Apart from easing designing Hola cards are built with ‘powerful reporting & analytics that help you track and understand user engagement. Get better ROI on marketing spends.’ Hola Enterprise is an end-to-end solution for all customer engagement content creation needs.

Sravan Narasipuram in a candid chat with Way2World revealed the benefits of interactive content include ‘Increased attention span leads to better brand recall.’ Easy reach of customers through easy access, multiple utility with analyticals, automatically ensure increased RoI through very low cast communication.

How do you narrate the scenario before launch of Hola Cards?

None of the current content formats are interactive, yet Enterprises uses to reach and communicate to their target audience on Smartphones, with touch screens. These content formats like images, gifs and video, have only informational or marketing value.

How has Hola Cards impacted the segment?

Hola Enterprise is a SaaS based DIY platform makes it very easy for content creators and marketers to create interactive content from existing assets, in mins.

Do we need any programs to be installed for working on your model?

We provide more than 150 Templates, pre-animated, that can be used to create interactive content, without having any programming or IT server knowledge. We also provide deep analytical insights to the level of a single user.

How do you plan to bring a rapid change in the enterprise domain?

Hola Enterprise platform is now extended to support RCS formats, which is disrupting the Enterprise Messaging market.

In short how dos it work?

Hola Enterprise is a SaaS platform for creating Rich Interactive Content in minutes. Interactivity leads to better user engagement, immersive experience and hence better conversion rates.

What is the expertise of the founding team?

I am a 2nd time Entrepreneur More than 2 decades of product start-up experience. Basically, I would call myself an Innovator, a problem solver and an evangelist. On the other hand,   my team mate KRK Rao has Close to 3 decades of technology expertise, management, delivery and Administration. He has rich Expertise in scaling teams and operations. This diverse expertise has made Hola Enterprise more successful.

How do you rate your journey till date?

We started ABDA DIGITAL in 2015, with a vision to bring innovative products in the Digital space. We have more than 60 customers across Asia, including several Enterprise customers like Vodafone, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Dr Reddy’s, Sterling and Alliance. We have 2 platforms 1) Hola Enterprise – A Rich content platform 2) – A completely Digital Business card solution.

What about the accolades that have been your idea validations?

We are a NASSCOM recognized Emerge 50 company. We have granted patents in the USA and Europe. Our platform won the Top 6 Jury award at NPC 2018. Part of India’s fastest growing accelerator – THUB. Winner of HYSEA 2019 StartUp award.

From here where to in the near future?

We have tripled our revenues over the last year, looking to expand into other geographies in Asia, Europe and US.

Being a successful StartUps what is your message to the new founders?

Keep iterating till you find a problem big enough and a solution elegant enough. Once you do find them, hunker down and go deep.

Hola Enterprise is a perfect enterprise communication platform which is all out to turn into nation’s pride possession, globally. Keep watching this space for more such successful journeys that have disrupted every walks of life.

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